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Traditional Painted Wooden Signs

These really are top quality wooden framed signs and they are designed to last. They feel really solid and have a substantial weight to them. The style is very traditional but we do use the latest panel material and paint system, along with a painted sapele or red grandis wood frame. We now recommend using red grandis or sapele as these are more stable timbers than oak and less likely to move and cause cracks in the paint.

The inner panel is made from Tricoya board. This is a wood based board made using a high performance resin. It is very stable, strong, durable and weatherproof. Tricoya itself comes with a 50 year guarantee. On top of that it is environmentally friendly.

The outer frame and inner panel are spray painted using is a two component polyurethane paint which is much more durable than standard brush-on paints. It is not only much tougher and longer lasting, but is also more resilient to chemicals.

As standard we paint the signs Black, White, Farrow & Ball Purbeck Stone and Lichen.
Other stock colours are £5 . Click here to see stock colours Color Match @ £55 per colour per order. We can match most Farrow & Ball colours.

Wrought Iron Hanging Brackets are also available.

Traditional framed sign with gold text.
Painted wooden framed sign with wrought iron bracket.

Finally the lettering is painted onto the sign. Standard letter colours are Black, White, Lichen Green & Purbeck Stone Grey. We also have lots of other colours including Dark Blue and Farrow & Ball Studio Green or Vert De Terre @ £5 as well as metallic gold or silver @ £10.

Lettering can be as small as 20mm and the cost includes up to 50 letters. Extra letters are £1.65 per 25. We have a large selection of fonts to choose from - click here. We can even paint lettering on the wooden frame.

You may also want to add an image to your sign and again we lots to choose from - click here.  As these are to be painted on and not printed choose an image without very fine detail. The cost is £12.50 per image. If you wanted us to use your own image the cost is £34.50

Blank gold & purple signs made for another sign maker
Blank gold & purple signs made for another sign maker
If you have a detailed logo we can laser etch through the paint into the tricoya below. This is only effective for lighter coloured signage.

Prices for standard sizes are shown below. However as these are made in our workshops we can quote for any size.

The wooden framed signs are priced below for single sided, doubled sided and blank frames. If you want to hang a framed sign we have a good selection of fittings, hanging brackets and posts

If you are confused or need some help- Email us @ and we will reply with a quote!

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Size including frame Frame Depth Prices Include VAT
Single Sided Double Sided Blank Painted Board P&P
Width 375mm   Height 300mm 50mm £160 £170 £127 H
Width 375mm  Height 375mm  50mm £172 £184 £136 H
Width 375mm  Height 450mm  50mm £183 £198 £144 I
Width 450mm  Height 375mm  50mm £183 £198 £144 I
Width 450mm  Height 450mm  50mm £196 £214 £154 I
Width 450mm  Height 600mm  50mm £223 £246 £173 I
Width 600mm  Height 450mm  50mm £223 £246 £173 I
Width 600mm  Height 600mm  50mm £254 £285 £195 J
Width 600mm  Height 750mm  50mm £286 £325 £215 J
Width 600mm  Height 850mm  75mm £308 £351 £240 J
Width 750mm  Height 600mm  50mm £286 £325 £215 J
Width 750mm  Height 750mm  75mm £324 £372 £250 J
Width 750mm  Height 850mm  75mm £349 £404 £268 J
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Normally the whole sign is painted in one colour with the lettering in another colour. Extra colours - £15 for most signs. Also the case if the frame and background colour are different.

If you want a similar sign but at a cheaper price, take a look at  Wooden Framed Aluminium Composite Signs with Vinyl Lettering or we also have Painted Sign Boards without frames.

If you want posts with your sign - click here

Painted sign with two extra colours Painted hanging sign with one extra colour

NB The paint completely encapsulates the sign so great care must be taken if you drill holes or screw into the sign. You are creating a weak point where water can penetrate, which will in turn cause the paint to bubble. If you have to drill a hole for fixing then make sure you fill the hole with a sealant such as CT1 before putting in the screws or bolts

For more ideas have a look at the Gallery or on our Pinterest Board More Painted Signs
White painted framed sign
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Home pub sign - framed and painted.
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