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Stainless Steel Memorial Plaques
- can include etched photos

Stainless Steel Photo Memorials

These are superb quality memorials where a black and white photo is chemically etched into the stainless steel along with the lettering.

The result is excellent and it has the added advantage that unlike many of the printed photo plaque - IT WILL NOT FADE.

The better the quality of the photo the better the result. Our designers can convert a colour photo into a black and white photo and we can remove backgrounds if you prefer.

Stainless steel horse memorial plaque.
Etched photo on stainless steel with backing board paint Lichen green

Etched photo on stainless steel memorial plaque with background aroun photo removed.
Etched photo with background removed
Stainless Steel
15 "
£99 £99 £99 £104 £104 £123 £127
£99 £99 £101 £113 £117 £129 £143
£99 £101 £113 £117 £129 £140 £161
£104 £113 £117 £129 £140 £161 £182
£113 £117 £129 £140 £161 £182 £199
£119 £129 £140 £146 £171 £189 £238
£129 £140 £161 £182 £189 £238 £277

Prices include VAT

The prices for these plaques includes wording and a photo. However it may be that you prefer just words or perhaps just the etched photo which can be inlaid into a granite, slate or corian memorial. All are possible.

Stainless steel is very tough and durable and does not scratch easily.

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Brass Photo Memorials

Etched brass memorial plaques with photos.

Brass is a very tradition material for memorial plaques and we are able to chemically etch the photos into brass.
It must be remembered though that brass is softer than stainless steel and it will also need to be polished once in a while. It is a beautiful metal though. Prices are a little more expensive than stainless steel.

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Stainless steel plaque on iroko backing board.

Backing Boards for Photo Memorials

We can also make you a backing board in beautiful oak, oil rich iroko or sapele which is a red timber similar to mahogany. For stainless steel memorial plaques the black and lichen green painted backing boards are particularly effective.

As well as backing boards we also have tree stakes, plaque holders and wooden crosses. Backing Board Prices

Any good quality photo can be used on these plaques.
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