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Wooden Ladder Signs,
Natural Oak and Painted Wood

Natural Wood or Painted Ladder Signs

Our ladder signs are ideal for entrance signs. As standard they can have 1, 2 or 3 signs on the posts. However we can make them just the way you want and there are lots of choices. There is natural oak or iroko wood with painted carved letters, or painted ladder signs in many colours.

Most of our painted signs are made in oak but there are other post options. Oak is the heavy and longest lasting, Sapele is a moderately durable hardwood which paints well. Softwood is the cheapest option.

The beautiful grain of the oak does remain visible beneath the paint. If you prefer not to see the grain we suggest you have Tricoya board. This is a tough and weatherproof wood based board. Accoya wood is another option and is priced as oak. Extensive testing has shown that paints can last up to three times as long on Accoya than on other timbers.

For Painted Entrance Signs we use is a two component polyurethane paint which is much more durable than standard brush on paints. It is not only much tougher and longer lasting, but is also more resilient to chemicals.

Painted wooden ladder sign
Ladder Sign on Posts with Post Caps . Colour - Vert de Terre

Natural Oak Entrance Signs with carved and painted letters are first treated with a wood preservative and then varnished with a tough satin finish commercial varnish. Signs with white lettering are treated with Osmo Oil. Iroko signs are treated with Devon Oil

Standard colours for signs or lettering are black and white, along with a grey - F&B Purbeck Stone and a pale green F&B Lichen as standard. Cream, heritage green and Farrow & Ball Estate No.84 green blue, Stiffkey Blue, French Grey and more at £5 per order. See all our Stock Colours.
For colours we don't stock the cost is £65 per colour per order. We can also match most Farrow & Ball colours.

Lettering can be in any of our huge range of fonts. Standard sizes are list below but we can quote for other sizes. Shaped tops can also be made in any of the sizes - just ask for a quote. For extra protection we can coat with high gloss Coach- Kote - a clear version of the coach enamel used on the queens carriages at Buckingham Palace - ask for a quote.

Post Tops - There are various options for wooden post tops. They can be used for both hardwood and softwood. There is no extra charge for the standard post top. The shaped top, gothic top and oak post cap are @ £5 per post.
Standard Posts Top
Standard Posts Top
Gothic Posts Top
Gothic Posts Top
Shaped Post Top
Shaped Post Top
Post with Oak Post Cap
Post with Oak Post Cap

Painted oak sign with grain shaowing
Wooden ladder sign with four signs on two posts
6 panel ladder sign painted and fromt fixed.

  Natural Oak Sign, Carved Letters and
Oak Posts
Iroko Wood Sign, Carved Letters with
Iroko Posts
Painted Oak Sign with Painted
Oak Posts
Painted Sapele Sign with Painted
Sapele Posts
Painted Oak Sign with Painted
Softwood Posts
Painted Tricoya Sign with Painted
Sapele Posts
Painted Tricoya Sign with Painted Softwood Posts
  Accoya can be used instead of oak for painted signs
  Standard Sizes - 1 Sign on 1.2m Posts
550 x 130mm £317 £282 £356 £271 £250 £236
600 x 150mm £336 £245 £372 £287 £261 £243 £197
600 x 200mm £375 £283 £411 £326 £281 £255 £207
750 x 200mm £408 £310 £440 £355 £299 £266 £220
  Standard Sizes - 2 Signs on 1.5m Posts
550 x 130mm £438 £337 £472 £366 £325 £319 £261
600 x 150mm £477 £350 £503 £397 £345 £324 £276
600 x 200mm £555 £426 £582 £476 £386 £357 £299
750 x 200mm £621 £493 £640 £533 £422 £380 £322
  Standard Sizes - 3 Signs on 1.8m Posts
550 x 130mm £560 £428 £589 £461 £399 £403 £334
600 x 150mm £617 £448 £635 £508 £429 £425 £355
600 x 200mm £735 £561 £753 £626 £492 £459 £390
750 x 200mm £834 £662 £840 £702 £564 £494 £425

The prices above are for single sided signs, front fixed, with hidden fixings - see LANDHURST WOOD photo above. If you want the sign to be morticed into the post, as shown in the other two photos above, add £20 per panel
(NB - 50mm of timber length will be lost in each mortice)   Morticed signs can also be double sided - Add another £30 per panel (standard sizes only)

These ladder signs are sent fully assembled - Shipping Rate NN for private address, M for Business    

NB 400mm of the post will be underground. For longer posts add:- £13.20 for oak / iroko, £7.85 for idigbo, £4 for softwood for each extra 100mm

These signs can be erected by simply digging holes and back-filling. Alternatively you could use our posts holders. We have post holders with spikes that can be hammered in with a sledge hammer, bolt-down post holders for fixing onto existing concrete and concrete-in post holders for exposed areas. We advise against concreting your sign directly into the ground.

Post Holders

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Ladder sign with arch to on the top sign.
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Large painted ladder sign

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