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Painted Clear Acrylic Glass Signs

These signs and plaques are made using a combination of techniques. First the plaque goes to the sprayroom and the back is sprayed with two coats of a special paint. Once this is dry it is taken to the laser room and the design is laser etched into the paint.

The overall effectt is stunning. The front of the sign is smooth and glass-like with all the detail on the reverse. These acrylics can be used as house signs or information plaques with a lot of text and line drawings. Other advantages - they are virtually maintenance free and weather-proof.

The plate is held away from the wall with stand-off mounts which are included in the cost.


We can laser etch the lettering for the sign in a variety of many fonts and colours. Click here for fonts

The price includes up to 50 characters (extra characters are available at £1.65 per 25)

Lettering can be etched to any size, although less than 5mm will be difficult to read.

If you require a backing board our carpenters can make them to any size. Alternatively you use a stand off connectors which also hold a piece of aluminium composite as a backing.

Laser etched clear acrylic - Emerald green with black letters.

Light shining through the lasered lettering.

The signs can be painted in any of the colours shown below. The lettering once lasered into the acrylic is white. To show up well on the light colours we can infill with black @ £5. For stock colours with white text the price is £5.


Ultra Marine Blue
RAL 5002

Farrow and Ball
Stiffkey Blue

Slate Grey
RAL 7015


Moss Green
RAL 6005

Farrow and Ball
Purbeck Stone

Farrow and Ball

House number sign painted in stiffkey blue.

Most of the above have 9mm holes drilled and are fitted with 12mm x 20mm stand-off mounts in a satin finish. The larger signs have 11mm holes drilled and come with 25mm x 36mm stand-off mounts in a satin finish. These are included in the price.
The stand-off fitting is in two parts. The back section is screwed to the wall. The front section screws through the sign into the back section.

We can cut the acrylic panels to most shapes - ask for a quote.


Detailed images with fine lines can be use on these plaques.
Image from our website @ £12.50 Click here for images.

If you need the designer to find an appropriate image the cost is £24.50.

The cost to use you own image and convert to vector artwork is £34.50

Small etched acrylic house sign in ultr marine blue.

Only visable on desktop or tablet - Click the Buy Now button for prices - Other sizes can be quoted for.

Square Signs Cost Holes/Mounts
110mm x 110mm x 5mm £45.55 4 Sm
200mm x 200mm x 5mm £65.55 4 Sm
300mm x 300mm x 10mm £108 4 Sm
450mm x 450mm x 10mm £159 4 Sm
600mm x 600mm x 10mm £230 4 Lg
Round Signs Cost Holes/Mounts
110mm x 5mm £43.85 2 Sm
200mm x 5mm £58.25 2 Sm
300mm x 10mm £109 2 Sm
450mm x 10mm £172 4 Sm
600mm x 10mm £250 4 Lg
Oval Signs Cost Holes/Mounts
160mm x 100mm x 5mm £48.55 2 Sm
310mm x 150mm x 5mm £76.40 2 Sm
300mm x 200mm x 10mm £88.95 2 Sm
450mm x 300mm x 10mm £129 4 Sm
600mm x 400mm x 10mm £180 4 Lg

Arch Top Signs Cost Holes/Mounts
310mm x 150mm x 5mm £86.70 4 Sm
450mm x 225mm x 10mm £129 4 Sm
600mm x 300mm x 10mm £152 4 Lg

Rectangular Signs Cost Holes/Mounts
300mm x 70mm x 5mm £69.50 2 Sm
297mm x 210mm x 5mm A4 £91.95 4 Sm
310mm x 150mm x 10mm £89.10 4 Sm
450mm x 150mm x 10mm £101 4 Sm
600mm x 200mm x 10mm £127 4 Sm
300mm x 200mm x 10mm £95.45 4 Sm
450mm x 300mm x 10mm £135 4 Sm
600mm x 400mm x 10mm £180 4 Lg


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Small oval house sign painted in Farrow & Ball Purbeck Stone with text laser etched and painted white.
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Circular clear acrylic with lasered lettering through black painted background.
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