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Farm Signs and Estate Signage

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Wooden Estate and Farm Signs

Wooden Estate Signs are a specialty for us. We have carpenters on site and can make virtually any wooden signs in our wood workshops. For farm signs, Douglas Fir or Red Cedar are frequently used. Both are durable and can survive with little maintenance - we know how busy farmers are!  The Red Cedar actually looks lovely untreated as it gently silvers with age. It is full of its own oil which is why treatment is unnecessary.  For wooden post options - click here.

Estate signs Farm sign on wrought iron bracket.
Wooden Insert with detailed engraving in large estate sign. Estate Signs are usually made in Oak. An incredible beautiful and very durable timber. We normally finish with our long life satin varnish but if prefered we can finish with Osmo or Danish Oil.  We can make the signs any way you want them. We can mortice signs into the posts or screw through the front and hide with oak plugs.  Shoulders can also be added as an interest design feature. Another unique idea is to insert a detailed wooden, metal or corian plaque into the timber. Also very popular are the oak fingerposts. These are made using as many arms as you need pointing in any direction. Basically we make your farm or estate signs the way you want them. Oak Finger Posts
Arch Top Estate Sign Front fixed arch topped farm signs.

Painted Estate Signage

More popular than natural wood, in recent years, are our painted wooden signs. These can be made in all sizes and are available with or without posts. We use oak, accoya and tricoya as the base materials. The paint used is a commercial two pack paint which is very durable, We have a wide range of stock colours including many Farrow and Ball but we can match most colours - Farrow and Ball, Dulux or RAL.
Painted Estte Signage

Stone Signs

As with the wooden farm signs we have craftsmen on site who create the Stone Estate Signs. They can cut slate, polished limestone and granite farm or estate signs to any size you want. We stock several thicknesses of stone, the slate being available in 12mm, 20mm, 30mm and 50mm. The lettering is sandblasted into the stone using virtually any font. Images can also be sandblasted - use you own or one from our huge image library. They can be left unpainted or painted in one of our many colours.
Another possibility are the Engraved Corian Signs. They look and feel like stone, but have none of the imperfections of natural stone and can be engraved in quite intricate detail.
Large slate Signs

Engraved Corian Farm Sign Slate farm sign with white letters
Slate farm signs

Hanging Signs

Wood Framed Hanging Signs

We have a good range of Hanging Signs. Some are the typical commercial panels on steel brackets, which of course do have their place. Hanging Pub signs are very popular.

We also make beautiful oak framed hanging signs which have a real touch of class. These can be teamed with a steel bracket or a beautiful wrought iron bracket created by our prize winning blacksmith. He has even created some special hangers for slate signs as well as for solid wooden hanging signs.

For wooden hanging signs Oak and Red Cedar are without doubt the favourite timbers. Iroko should be considered too, it looks like teak and is full of its own oil so needs little maintenance.

Fibreglass Signage

Fibreglass Signs are tough, yet relatively light weight signs needing very little maintenance. They are available in many shapes, sizes and colours. With the right design and colour combination these signs can look very smart.

Cream on dark green or gold on black look particularly good. We would suggest just using one or two colours solid colour vinyls for the lettering. We can colour print but as with all colour printing outside it will slowly fade over time.

Fibreglass Estate Signs

Aluminium Signage

Aluminium Estae Signage

This is probable the most popular material for business signs. The Aluminium Signs are 3mm thick and available as flat plate, with channels of the reverse for fixing to posts, as finger posts and as tray signs.

Although you can't describe it as beautiful it does have its place in the field of farm and estate signs. It is very strong and durable and is ideal for information signage, car park signs and display signs. Another possibility is aluminium composite - still strong but lighter weight and very good value for money

Oak Entrance Signs with Engraved Insert

These superior Entrance Signs are beautifully crafted. The posts and the inner panel are solid oak. A recess is carved into the oak and a corian plaque neatly inserted into it. Corian is a very hard wearing material which looks and feels like stone. It is actually stone dust, bonded together with a weather-proof resin. The posts, panel and lettering look superb if all painted the same colour.

Oak entrance sign with engraved corian insert.
This sign was created using a combination of oak ad aluminium.

Rural Industrial Estate Signs

With our workshops onsite we can combine materials and skills. With this Industrial Estate Sign we have a timber outer frame which can be Oak or Iroko. The inner part is made from aluminium and is bolted to the timber frame. It has removable aluminium panels which can be slide in and out. These signs are ideal for an industrial estate situated in the countryside.

Other Useful Signs

We make thousands of different signs, many of which are very useful for farms and estates. The stable door signs are always popular and very useful for a present. Full colour banners are great for yearly events - we can create the banner but leave a space for the date which can be applied as removable vinyl and changed each year. We also stock all the safety signage and can make up bespoke safety sign as required. We can also make up vinyl lettering and fix to application tape for you to fix to vehicles. Great opportunity for very low cost advertising.

Oak framed farm sign
Oak Framed Entrance Signs
Stone like corian estate sign
Engraved Corian Sign
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