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Woodland Burials
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Woodland Memorial Plaques

There are some woodland burial sites which require the memorial plaque to be all wood, having no metal fixings at all. This is not a problem. We have carpenters on site and can make bespoke wooden memorial plaques to your requirements. We have shown some of the more popular solutions below. All can be ordered online.   or Tel   01769 561355 9.30am - 4pm

Oak memorial on post. ref 1309.LW.062
We can also engrave a design or
wording onto the post @ £24.50

This is a simple but effective idea to mount any of the wooden plaques on. The top of a 3" x  3" oak post is cut at a 45 degree angle and the wooden memorial plaque is fixed to it with wooden dowels.

The oak post is normally treated with a wood preservative and finished with Satin varnish or Osmo oil. However we can leave untreated if preferred.

Cost of 24" 600mm Post  £47.85
(includes fitting dowels)  P&P I

The 225mm x 175mm wooden heart costs £76.30 plus £12.50 for an image. A  basic 100mm x 150mm engraved wooden plaque costs  £55.36

Heart shaped wooden plaqueOak memorial plaque

The wooden memorial tablets can be made in Oak or Iroko. Click here for information on different timbers. We would normally recommend the Iroko as as it is full of natural oils therefore less maintenance needed.

  90-95mm thick
Size Iroko Oak / Balau
300x300mm £225 K £350 K
300x375mm £275 K £435 L
300x420mm £345 L £480 L
300 x450mm £360 L £515 L
450 x450mm £495 M £745 M
Letter after amount represents shipping rate
The cost includes 50 characters, extra characters £3 for 50. Images also available @ £12.50
Line border @ £5.95

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Iroko lawn memorial.
Iroko wood is full of its own oil so is long lasting. The colour can vary though.
Hardwood headstone with laser engraved text. Wooden tablet with laser engraved photo. Oil rich iroko tablet.

Oak is no doubt the most beautiful of the timbers. It is a hard, heavy and durable hard wood.

Although generally having a coarse straight grain, it can have wonderful variations in grain, texture and colour and small pin knots, tiger strips and burrs are an attractive and acceptable part of its appearance.

Although very durable it does need to be well maintained - if water creeps in, fungal activity will cause the grain to blacken.

Oak lawn memorial.
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Wooden Cross


Small Oak Cross - 335mm high - £51

Medium Oak Cross - 460mm high - £58

Large Oak Cross - 575mm high - £70

X-Large Oak Cross - 950mm high using 20mm Oak - £113

XX-Large Oak Cross - 1050mm high using 30mm Oak- £139

Click here for more information about Oak Crosses

Wooden Headstone

These wooden headstones can be made in Oak or Iroko. Click here for timber information The timber used is 90mm thick. Standard sizes are listed below, although as with all memorials, wooden headstones can be made your requirements. The headstone can be centrally or at the back of the base. Lettering normally left lasered but unpainted. Insead of base we can make with 400mm extra timber to bury (discount £40)

Headstone Size Base Size Cost
450mm x 300mm 450mm x 300mm £625 NN
600mm x 400mm 500mm x 300mm £835 NN
Letter after amount represents shipping rate
The cost includes 50 characters, extra characters £3 for 50.
also available @ £9.50 Line border @ £15.95 Painted letters £20
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Laser engraved wording can be very detailed
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Bespoke wooden cross
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