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Stone Memorial Tablets,
Granite and Slate Memorials

Granite, Slate and Stone
Lawn Memorials

These lovely stone memorial tablets are made from thick honed slate or thick polished granite.

We have 20mm, 30mm, 50mm & 75mm slate plus seven different granites.

The slate is a natural slate with all its beautiful markings.  They look perfect set into a lawn or garden. Edges are clean cut and honed 

We can make to any size - just ask for a quote.

20mm slate memorial tablet.

Dark grey granite memorial with gold text. celtic grey granite memorial with gloss removed. Black granite memorial with a sand-blasted border edge. Black granite heart memorial wedge.

Small thick slate memorial tablet - 150mm x 150mm x 75mm
Small thick slate memorial tablet -
150mm x150mm x 75mm
Raised slate image which was painted and laser etched.
The slate was sandblasted away to leave a raised painted area which was then lasered
Good quaility photo lasered on slate.
Good quaility photo
laser etched onto slate.

Stone Lawn Memorial Prices The price includes first 25 characters. Extra letters 55p per letter.

Slate Memorial

Standard Memorials

20mm Slate

30mm Slate

50mm Slate

75mm Slate

150 x 150mm £73 F £76 F £92 G £105 H
150 x 200mm £78 F £81 G £101 G £114 H
200 x 200mm £99 F £107 G £114 H £129 H
200 x 300mm £122 G £130 H £139 I £159 I
300 x 300mm £150 I £163 J £175 L £199 M
300 x 450mm £193 I £210 J £226 M £260 O
400 x 400mm £216 J £235 M £253 O £285 O
The prices of these sizes already include 25 letters - Extra letters 55p

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. Slate memorial deep engraved with black letters.
Slate memorial - deep engraved with letters painted black.
For made to measure slate memorials - Click Here For cheaper laser etched slate memorial plaques- Click Here

Granite Memorials

Width x Height x Thickness Price P&P
225 x 150 x 10mm - Black only £90 F
300 x 225 x 10mm - Black only £130 G
300 x 225 x 20mm Oval £175 H
300 x 225 x 20mm £150 H
425 x 225 x 20mm £175 J
375 x 275 x 20mm Oval £207 J
375 x 300 x 30mm £203 K
425 x 300 x 30mm - out of Celtic Grey until Dec. £217 L
350 x 350 x 30mm Heart £324 K
375 x 300 x 50mm £225 M
400 x 400 x 50mm £258 M
Price includes 25 letters.
Extra Letters - 55p per letter.

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Silver grey granite

We also stock black and grey granite wedges - Click Here.
For More Small Black Granite Memorial Tablets - Click Here For made to measure granite memorials - Click Here

Standard Colours
The 10mm thick granite memorials are only available in black.
We keep the following granites in stock and all rectangles are available in 20mm & 30mm.
Ovals, Hearts & 50mm thick are available in grey, green and plain black.

Black granite memorial 375mm x 300mm with gold and grey lettering
Silver Grey Granite
Celtic Grey Granite
Absolute Black Granite
Black Granite
  Glenaby Granite
Classic Dark Grey
Kerala Green Granite
Kerala Green Granite
  Other colours are available in Cut To Size 30mm
  For Larger Memorials or Other Sizes - click here
  For Wooden Lawn Memorials - Click Here


We can sandblast the lettering in a variety of fonts - click here. If you prefer to have letters painted it is best to choose one of the bolder fonts. Lots of choice with paint colours too with black, white, gold and silver being the most popular.

We can paint images in more than one colours. Cost £15 per extra colour.

Finding the right words for a memorial plaque can be difficult, so we have put together a page of Memorial Inscriptionsstone-memorial-tablets


Close up of white lettering on celtic grey granite mememorial.

Memorial tablet made from Kerala green granite.

Images on slate memorial


We can include images on the signs. Choose bold images - we can't sand-blast very fine lines. Small standard images under 100mm £12.50, Medium Standard images 100-200mm  £18, Large Standard Image 200-300mm £24, Images over 300mm £28.00.  For own images add artwork charge of £19.50 for vector images and £29.50 for other images. Must be simple silhouette type images.

PhotoS Into Granite

It is also possible to create a photo directly onto the darker granites using impact engraving. This is done by a revolutionary technique using a diamond tipped needle hitting the granite. The cost for adding a photo directly onto the granite is £34.50. The better the photo the better the result.

An alternative is to inset a plaque of which we have a selection of different styles ranging from full colour toughprint @ £98 to etched stainless steel @ £113. Click Here

Good photos etched into granite.

Granite hearts are available in black or celtic grey granite
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20mm slate tablet.
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