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House Number Signs - House Address Signs

House address signs in wood, clear acrylic and slate.

At The Sign Maker, we craft a wide range house numbers and house address signs These range from a simple door number to address signs which include your road or close along with any other information your might like to include.

We make these house number signs in all kinds of materials - hard wearing slate and granite, wood both natural and painted, clear acrylic, cast metal, along with engraved plaques in brass, corian, aluminium and laminate.

Each bespoke piece is crafted by our team of skilled craftsmen, a team who pride themselves on paying close attention to detail and crafting to the highest quality.

Slate house number with white edge border.

Slate House Numbers
Made with natural slate with smooth, but not highly polished surface. The letters are normally painted black, silver, gold or white. For a more gentle natural effect we match Farrow & Ball Lichen - a pale green which looks lovely against the grey slate.

Raised slate numbers.

Cast door numbers with hand painted motifs.

Hand Painted Cast Door Numbers
These signs are cast in one piece using a very high quality polyurethane. This is an extremely tough hard wearing material which is solid, rigid and does not corrode. It has a distinct advantage over cast metal in that the lettering is crisper and the motifs, logos and crests can be much more intricate. The lettering, borders and rims are raised.

Very traditional engraved brass name plates.

Engraved Brass Address Signs
We have all kinds of house number signs, but there is always a place for the classic well polished brass house number sign. Brass is the traditional material for name plates and it is timeless. It can be just a simple house number or can include extra wording as the sign name plate on the right.

Engraved granite house numbers.

Granite House Numbers
LOW COST house number signs made in 8 different granites. You choose the font, letter colour, plus border or image can be added.

Rustic wooden door number.

Wooden Door Numbers
We can make your wooden number sign just the way you want it. You can use any of the timbers, any of our huge varieties of fonts and borders. Tell us your thoughts and we will create a really individually wooden door number unique to you.

Oak and iroko door numbers.

Cast aluiminium house number signs in various shapes.

Cast Aluminium House Number Signs
These are well made, heavy house signs cast in solid aluminium.. We can also include a hand painted motif on your house number sign. All the signs and name plates have a durable baked finish. They are low maintenance house signs.

Cast brass house number signs in various shapes.

Cast Brass House Number Signs
Made of cast brass, these name plates can be painted in Black, Red, Purple, Blue, Green or Maroon. We can include a house number or a motif on your house number sign if required.

Simple but effective reflective house numbers.

Reflective House Numbers
These boards are ideal for house numbers. They really stand out and can be easily seen day or night. The boards are made from aluminium composite and are durable, rigid and do not corrode. We apply engineering grade reflective lettering to the boards in your chosen font The silver white lettering reflects any light source - torch or car headlights.

Oval acrylic number with sand-blast effect backing.

Clear Acrylic Address Signs & Numbers
These signs look crystal clean like glass and are ideal for a modern look. Apart from a wash occasionally no other maintenance is required. They also look amazing with a backing vinyl applied - either solid colour or sand-blast effect. They are held away from the wall with stand-away fixings.

Clear acrylic address sign.

Oval stone-like corian door number.

Engraved Corian Address Signs and Door Numbers
Corian is a mixture of clear acrylic resin, natural minerals and pigments. The mineral content retains some of the properties of real stone such as the cold feel, matt finish and substantial weight. Unlike stone Corian is totally consistent with no variation in composition, fault lines or cracks throughout its features. It also can be cut to most simple shapes and can be used where small text or detailed images are required.

Vintage style number plates.

Vintage Number Plate Style House Number Signs
These vintage style wall signs and name plates are gorgeous. They are made using traditional methods developed over the last 120 years. Some of the dies for the embossing process are 80 years old!
Each plate is hand made and then hand sprayed using stoving enamel. No two signs or name plates will be the same. These embossed and enameled number signs and name plates are designed to last a lifetime. If one should fail, send it back and it will be replaced.

Painted hardwood address signs.

Painted Hardwood Address Signs
For our painted hardwood signs we use Sapele, a very hard timber and durable timber which is also very stable. This means there will be less movement in the timber which is perfect for the larger painted signs. Sapele is a highly sustainable, relatively fast growing hardwood. Painted sapele has a very smooth finish.

Good value address sign.

Good Value Address Signs
These signs look crystal clean like glass and are ideal for a modern look. Apart from a wash occasionally no other maintenance is required. They also look amazing with a backing vinyl applied - either solid colour or sand-blast effect. They are held away from the wall with stand-away fixings.

Oval value number sign.

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