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Good Value House Signs,
Long Lasting, Low Maintenance

Tough Aluminium Composite House Signs

Aluminium composite very smart material which is durable, versatile and available in a range of colours and finishes to suit every home. It is perfect for a good value house sign which is log lasting and low maintenance. In addition to one colour house signs we can also make full colour house signs.

It is lightweight, extremely flat, exceptionally rigid and does not corrode. It can also be cut to any simple shape and to top it all, it is environmentally friendly. For the lettering we use a top quality exterior grade vinyl which is very durable and can withstand the elements.

As well as black and white value house signs, we have all the colours listed below. The board is matt on one side and gloss on the other. We will use the matt side as standard unless otherwise requested

House Sign Colours
RAL6005 Moss Green, RAL1003 Signal Yellow, RAL1015 Ivory, RAL3020 Traffic Red, RAL3004 Purple Red, RAL5002 Ultrmarine Blue, RAL5017 Traffic Blue, RAL 9006 Silver Grey, RAL7015 Slate Grey, RAL9005 Black
Oval red good value house sign
Slate grey value house sign Shaped house sign

The sign above was done using reflective lettering on gloss black background.

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If a full colour design is sent as
ready-to-print file there is a £20 discount

Standard Rectangles / Arrow
Size One Colour Full Colour
300 x 75mm £36.85 £58.59
400 x 75mm £37.70 £59.35
460 x 100mm £39.22 £62.04
585 x 100mm £39.71 £63.75
175 x 125mm £36.85 £58.52
230 x 150 mm £38.28 £60.39
300 x 150mm £39.55 £61.88
530 x 150mm £43.56 £66.94
300 x 225mm £42.24 £65.18
460 x 225mm £46.53 £71.34
400 x 240mm £45.65 £70.24
500 x 300mm £52.75 £76.95
Good value house sign shaped as a rectangle Slate grey aluminium composite house sign

Shapes for house signs

Shaped House Signs

Shape Size One Colour Full Colour
Arch Top
SHA01 500 x 300mm £73.75 £87.95
SHA02 400 x 240mm £56.65 £81.24
SHA03 300 x 180mm £52.75 £74.25
SHB01 450 x 300mm £61.22 £86.08
SHB02 375 x 250mm £56.38 £80.02
SHB03 300 x 200mm £52.36 £75.74
Rectangle - Indented Corner
SHC01 500 x 250mm £60.06 £83.49
SHC02 400 x 200mm £54.73 £78.05
SHC03 300 x 150mm £50.45 £72.88
If a full colour design is sent as
ready-to-print file there is a £20 discoun

The Wording
The price includes 50 characters, Extra letters £1.65 per 25. The minimum letter size 20mm. Click here for available fonts The lettering is available in the following colours: - White, gold, silver, black, yellow, forest green, light green, dark blue, light blue, dark grey, light grey, red, brown and yellow. Wording on full colour signs can be any colour.

Directional arrow signs
House sign using one of our standard images

We can include pictures . We have a selection single colour standard images - Click here to see a variety of standard logos, symbols & pictures - or you can send in your own artwork -
(Images for single colour work must be a clean silhouette style image without any very fine lines or shades)

Single Colour Image Costs
£12.50 per standard image
£34.50 per image for your own single colour image.

Other Possibilities
Reflective white/silver lettering can be use at an extra cost. Also available are metallic boards - gold, bronze and silver. Another option is two colours of lettering or even full colour.

With the rectangular signs we are able to put an oak frame around them as shown in the photo on the left. Click Here

If vinyl lettering does not appeal to you we also do a whole ranged of house signs with painted lettering. Click Here

We do our very best to make your sign just the way you want it. Email us for a quote -

Oak framed house sign

For more ideas have a look at the Gallery or our Pinterest Board Please send me a quote More House Signs
Round value house sign
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Full colour value house signs

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