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Oak framed entrance sign

Framed Entrance Signs

Wooden framed signs are good looking entrance signs for large houses, farm or business.  Using a combination of traditional English oak with modern aluminium composite we have created an elegant sign to grace any entrance. Aluminium composite is a tough weatherproof board available in eight colours.
Prices from £135

Full colour artwork with an Iroko frame.

Painted solid wood entrance sign

Wooden Signs on Posts

These entrance signs are made from solid wood. They can be built in solid oak which is finished with a satin varnish or oil. Alternatively they can be built from oak or tricoya board and painted in one of many Farrow & Ball colours. Choice of post timber and post top styles. Dispatched fully assembled.
Prices from £153

Solid Oak Entrance Sign

Good value t-channel etrance signs.

T-Channel Entrance Signs with Posts

These are simply made using aluminium composts and aluminium t-chanel. They look very smart and are ideal for smaller entrance signs. Full colour artwork can be used. Laminated for longer life.
Prices from £149

Printed sign on oak posts

Painted hockey stick entrance signs.

Hockey Stick Shape Drive Signs
A simple but effective house sign which can be buried into the grass verge at your property entrance. These are normally made from very long lasting tricoya board which is 18mm thick and cut into the shape of a hockey stick. Tricoya is a wood based board made using a high performance resin. It is very stable, strong, durable and weatherproof.
Prices from £80

Hockey stick sign coated in coach enamel for extra durabilty

Solid Oak entrance sign with engraved insert

Entrance Signs with Engraved Inserts
These superior entrance signs are beautifully crafted. The posts and the inner panel are solid oak. A recess is carved into the oak and a corian plaque neatly inserted into it. Corian is a very hard wearing material which looks and feels like stone. It is actually stone dust, bonded together with a weather-proof resin.
Prices from £465

Solid Oak entrance sign with engraved insert

Aluminium tray sign on posts.

Aluminium Signage on Posts
We have three types of aluminium sign. There are the 3mm aluminium flat plate signs to attached to wooden posts. Then there are signs with channels on the back to fix to metal posts which can also be supplied. These are in 14 standard colours. Finally, there are panels with sleeves attached to slide over post. These can be double sided and powder-coated to any RAL colour.
Image to the right - 900 mm x 1000 mm with 3 m posts - £575

Aluminium sign with sleeves to slide over posts.

Industrial Estate Signage

Industrial Estate Signage
With our workshops onsite we can combine materials and skills. With this entrance sign we have a timber outer frame which can be oak or Iroko. The inner part is made from aluminium and is bolted to the timber frame. It has removable aluminium panels which can be slide in and out. These signs are ideal for an industrial estate situated in the countryside.
This sign measured 2730mm x 1200mm - £2250 plus VAT

Industrial estate sign with slider panels.

Painted wooden sign on posts.

Painted Wooden Sign - Framed Edged
Very attractive entrance signs made from the long lasting wood based board - Tricoya and the stable hardwood - Sapele. They are available with or without posts, in any of our huge range of colour for the sign colour and the lettering colour. Dispatched fully assembled.
Prices from £220

Painted wooden sign with a frame edge.

Wooden Entrance Signs

Bespoke Wooden Entrance Signs
The carpenters in the workshop will make up wooden entrance signs to any size or shape. The lettering is engraved into the sign and painted. The timber normally used for large signs is normally Oak,  Red Cedar, Iroko, Sapele or Douglas Fir with oak being the most popular. The posts are usually made in oak
Both signs in photos were in region of £500 - smaller signs are less

Wooden Entrance Sign

Painted wooden ladder signs

Wooden Ladders Signs
The wooden ladder signs are ideal as entrance signs, especially when listing more than one property. As standard they can have one, two or three signs, either morticed in or front fixed. As always, other variations can be quoted for. They can be painted or have letters carved into natural timber which which can be treated with high gloss coach enamel, satin varnish or Devon Oil.
Prices from £153

Ladder sign made with iroko wood and treated  with Devon Oil

Large slate entrance sign

Slate Signs on Posts
We can cut slate to any size. For most slate entrance signs we would use 20mm thick slate. For large signs such as the one shown on the left we would then use 30 mm. The size of the posts and support bar would depend on the size of the sign. They can be treated with clear satin varnish or painted. More Post Information
Price from £200 - £1500

Slate entrance sign

Corian Sign morticed into wooden posts

Posts for Signs
Our carpenters can make almost any oak or softwood posts. The standard oak sizes are 45x45mm, 70x70mm and 90x90mm and up to 3m in length. They are normally treated in long life satin varnish but can also be painted.  Black and white are standard. We also have - Heritage Green, Mid Grey, Farrow & Ball - Purbeck Stone, Lichen, Stiffkey Blue

Sign with hanging arm painted white

Carved lettering on wooden posts

Wooden Posts with Text
A simple entrance sign is to just have the lettering carved into the posts. The letters are painted and the post treated with Devon Oil of a commercial satin varnish.

Posts with Arm for Hanging Signs
These can be used with any of the Wooden signs, Painted signs, Framed Signs and even some of the Slate Signs.

Painted Sign Board

Painted Sign Boards
The board used for these painted signs is Tricoya - a wood based board made using a high performance resin. It is very stable, strong, durable and weatherproof. Tricoya itself comes with a 50 year guarantee. It is also environmentally friendly. The black sign with gold painted lettering looks amazing.
Price for 600 mm x 40 mm from £99 (without posts)

Painted Sign Board

Arch Top Fibregass Sign

Fibreglass Signs
Fibreglass is very strong and ideal for commercial entrance signage. It is best to use cut vinyl lettering on the sign, as opposed to printed, as it has a far greater lifespan. Many shapes and sizes are available. Can be supplied with channels for fixings to metal posts. Available in any RAL colour.
Price for 610 mm x 915 mm from £150 (without posts)

Fibreglass sign on posts

Frosted lettering and red posts.

Clear Glass Like Acrylic Signage
These are very contempory entrance signs very suitable for modern buildings. The vinyl is applied to the reverse of the clear acrylic panel. It can be frosted, transluscent, solid colour or full colour print which is reverse printed. Stainless steel effect or painted posts.
Image to the left - two 600 mm signs with 1.75 m posts - £346

Clear acrylic entrance signs for large business park.

Hand Painted Cast Polyurethane
Cast polyurethane with raised lettering and logos is ideal for street signs and entrance signs. Being one of the toughest and most abrasion resistant materials around, it can cope with roadside pollution, salt spray, severe weather conditions and it even resists chemical attack. Raised motifs can be created from customer artwork and include complex designs such as crests.
Image to the right - 1800 mm x 800 mm, 2 posts, 2 Small Signs- £1990

Stone Boulders
A stone boulder must be the most low maintenance entrance sign you can have. At the moment we have black and celtic grey granite boulders along with purbeck stone boulders. They both have one flat face for the lettering. They can be partly buried, fixed onto a plinth or built into a wall. Lots of fonts and colours for the lettering
Price from £625 - £925

Black granite boulder entrance sign

See our craftsmen and
women at work making full
colour oak framed entrance signs. These actually had
to be free standing, hence
the metal feet.

Entrance signs can be erected by simply digging holes and back-filling. Alternatively you could use our posts holders for signs on wooden posts.. We have post holders with spikes that can be hammered in with a sledge hammer, bolt-down post holders for fixing onto existing concrete and concrete-in post holders for exposed areas. We advise against concreting your sign directly into the ground.

Post holders for wooden posts.
Painted Entrance Signs

Painted Entrance Signs - Special Offers

We have a selection of painted entrance signs which are available at much reduced prices. They are at present white but can be painted in any of our stock colours.

  Front Fixed/ Morticed Panel Size Single/
Double Sided
Height Cost
Painted RAL7013 Front Fixed 600 x 400 mm (x2) Double 1m £248
Painted RAL7013 Front Fixed 600 x 450 mm (x2) Double 1.2m £266
Any Stock Colour Front Fixed 600 x 450 mm Single 1.16m £199
Any Stock Colour Front Fixed 600 x 450 mm Single 1.14m £199
Any Stock Colour Front Fixed 600 x 450 mm Single 1.1m £185

Post holders - all the special offers above would need the 75mm x 75mm post holders

Post holder with spike. Bolt down post holder. Concrete in post holder
Post Holder on Spike
50 mm x 50 mm - £5.95
75 mm x 75 mm - £9.60
100 mm x 100 mm - £12.30
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Galvanised & Powder Coated
Steel Bolt Down Post Holder
75 mm x 75 mm - £5.95
100 mm x 100 mm - £7.45
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Galvanised & Powder Coated
Steel Concrete In Post Holder
75 mm x 75 mm - £9.00
100 mm x 100 mm - £10.30
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