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Speciality Hanging Brackets
Hanging Sign Brackets

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Brackets for Barbers, Hair Dressers, Tea Rooms, Opticians, Boutiques

Here we a range of speciality hanging sign brackets designed for barbers, hairdressers, hat shops, boutiques, opticians, tea rooms and coffee shops. The various designs are lazer cut from 3mm thick mild steel which is then galvanized and powder coated to make it last. Special shapes are also made - based them on one of styles below and add 30%

This is a range of sign brackets made from heavy duty steel which is then zinc and powder coated black. The cross base is laser cut from 8mm plate steel with 3 No. 13mm fixing holes, and the projecting arm is either 25 x 25mm 'antique' hammered mild steel or 40mm x 40mm box steel. This range of sign brackets is supplied with free wall fixings.

Free bracket fixings

TZ Scissors - £148 excl VAT
Sign Bracket - Scissors

TZ Teapot - £159 excl VAT
Tea Pot Sign Bracket

TZ Hat - £147 excl VAT
Hat Sign Bracket

Size:- L 860mm H 500mm W 120mm Hanging Eye centres:- 410mm
Weight 5kg  
Can be used with any of the panels below.

Size:- L 850mm H 500mm W 120mm Hanging Eye centres:- 410mm
Weight 5kg
Can be used with any of the panels below.

Size:- L 860mm H 500mm W 120mm Hanging Eye centres:- 410mm
Weight 5kg
Can be used with any of the panels below..

TZ Glasses - £159 excl VAT
Sign Bracket - Glasses

TZ Pawnbroker - £199 excl VAT
Pawn Broker Sign

TZ Barber Pole- £147 excl VAT
Barber Pole

  • Size:- L 670mm H 500mm W 120mm Hanging Eye centres:- 410mm
    Weight 5kg
    Can be used with any of the panels below.

Size:- L 950mm H 550mm W 180mm

Size:- L 880mm H 550mm W 4800mm
Weight 2.5kg
To be used with Barber Panel
Colours White or Red and White +£5

To hang from the sign brackets we have a whole selection of sign panels. Simple high density foamed PVC panels are listed below in all shapes and sizes. We could also make the panel in oak framed aluminium composite, traditionally painted wooden framed sign or 18mm tricoya board with painted letters.

19mm PVC Sign Panels including fixing clips.
The panels are white but it is possible to paint them Black, Farrow & Ball Purbeck Stone (light grey), Heritage Green, Farrow & Ball Lichen (light green) @ £25 (plus vat)

Shape Panel Size Panel Only
with fittings
Panel with
One Colour Cut Vinyl Lettering
Panel with
Two Colours Cut Vinyl Lettering
Panel with
Full Colour
Digital Print
Landscape Oval - 1 620mm x 440mm £102 £151 £175 £186
Landscape Oval - 2 740mm x 530mm £115 £174 £209 £218
Portrait Oval - 3 600mm x 840mm £126 £197 £243 £250
Landscape Rectangle - 1 600mm x 400mm £63 £109 £131 £142
Portrait Rectangle - 2 600mm x 700mm £87 £148 £186 £190
Portrait Rectangle - 3 600mm x 800mm £103 £173 £220 £220
Square - 1 500mm x 500mm £65 £111 £134 £145
Square - 2 600mm x 600mm £77 £133 £165 £174
Square - 3 700mm x 700mm £91 £158 £202 £209
Portrait Arch Top - 1 550mm x 600mm £123 £173 £200 £210
Portrait Arch Top - 2 600mm x 700mm £132 £193 £231 £240
Portrait Arch Top - 3 650mm x 800mm £154 £234 £291 £296
Slanted Barber Panel 700mm x 386mm £122 £170 £194 £199
  Prices Exclude VAT    The shipping band is I

NB Solid colour cut vinyl lettering will have twice the life span as full colour digital print. To help extend the life of digital print we go laminaye all our colour print work.

Printed Panels Only - If you can send in a ready to-print-file there will be a £20 discount.
The prices above include our designer to lay out the text an include a suitable image or logo.

Single colour or two colour panels The prices above are for text only signs. If our graphic designers is having to use images to create the artwork file, the extra cost is £12.90 for one of our standard images, £24.90 for a vector image and £34.90 for a bitmap image eg jpg, gif, png or tiff.

Outdoor Lighting Kits  and other fixing accessories are also available

For more ideas have a look at our Pinterest Board More Hanging Signs
Sign panel painted green with Trough Lighting Kit
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