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Simple Hanging
Sign Brackets 

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TZ Simple Hanging Brackets & Panels

Rectangular panel

Oval Sign Panel

Arch top sign panel

These are simple sign brackets made from heavy duty steel which is then zinc and powder coated black. They have a round shaft and a steel ball finial and are supplied with free wall fixings. The clips are not included with the cost of the bracket but are included with the foam panels shown below.They come in four sizes, the 850mm long sign bracket being the most popular.

TZJECT 1-60 - £105
ex VAT

L 600mm H 160mm W 180mm
Hanging Eye centres:- 350mm
Weight 3kg

Panel choices - Oval 4 & 5,
Square 1 and Rectangle 4

TZJECT 1-75 - £109
ex VAT

L 750mm H 160mm W 180mm
Hanging Eye centres:- 410mm
Weight 4kg

Panel choices -Oval 1 & 3,
Square 1 & 2 and Rectangle 1, 2 & 3, Round 1 & 2, Arch Top 1 & 2
TZJECT 1-85 - £111
ex VAT

L 850mm H 160mm W 180mm
Hanging Eye centres:- 410mm
Weight 4kg

Panel choices -
All shapes - Sizes 1-3, Rounds 1 & 2

TZJECT 1-100 - £135 ex VAT

L 1000mm H 160mm W 180mm
Hanging Eye centres:- 410mm
Weight 4kg

Panel choices -
All shapes - Sizes 2-3,
Square 3

TZJECT 1-120 - £150 ex VAT

L1200mm H 160mm W 180mm
Hanging Eye centres:- 600mm
Weight 4.4kg

Panel choices - Oval 3, Square 3,
Arch Top 3 and Rectangle 3, plus square 80x80mm & 90x90mm

TZ Modern Hanging Bracket & Panel

Modern sign bracket

TZJECT 8 - £149 excl VAT

Panel painted black on TZject8
Arch top panel with sign bracket
  • Size:- L 870mm H 200mm W 180mm Hanging Eye centres:- 410mm Weight 10kg

.Panel choices - Oval 1,2 & 3   Arch Top 1, 2 & 3. Round signs are also available by special order.

To hang from the sign brackets we have a whole selection of sign panels. Simple high density foamed PVC panels are listed below in all shapes and sizes. We could also make the panel in oak framed aluminium composite, traditionally painted wooden framed sign, 3mm aluminium or 18mm tricoya board with painted letters.

The Sign Panels

The standard sign panel colour is white but they can be painted black, grey or green @ £25 (plus vat) or to any RAL colour for £45 (plus VAT} The panels can be blank, have vinyl lettering applied or be laminated in full colour digital print to both sides of the sign panel. The panels come with fittings to attach to the brackets.

As standard the pane is flat edged but it can be profiled to a bullnose edge for £5 (plus VAT)

Flat edged panel Bullnose edged sign panel
Shape Panel Size Panel Only
with fittings
Panel with
One Colour Cut Vinyl Lettering
Panel with
Two Colours Cut Vinyl Lettering
Panel with
Full Colour
Digital Print
Landscape Oval - 1 620mm x 440mm £102 £151 £175 £186
Landscape Oval - 2 740mm x 530mm £115 £174 £209 £218
Portrait Oval - 3 600mm x 840mm £126 £197 £243 £250
Landscape Oval - 4 400mm x 300mm £87 £121 £132 £144
Portrait Oval - 5 600mm x 400mm £99 £144 £166 £177
Landscape Rectangle - 1 600mm x 400mm £63 £109 £131 £142
Portrait Rectangle - 2 600mm x 700mm £87 £148 £186 £190
Portrait Rectangle - 3 600mm x 800mm £103 £173 £220 £220
Portrait Rectangle - 4 700mm x 850mm £115 £192 £245 £244
Square - 1 500mm x 500mm £65 £111 £134 £145
Square - 2 600mm x 600mm £77 £133 £165 £174
Square - 3 700mm x 700mm £91 £158 £202 £209
Round - 1 500mm £100 £146 £169 £180
Round - 2 600mm £112 £168 £200 £209
Round - 3 700mm £126 £193 £237 £245
Portrait Arch Top - 1 550mm x 600mm £123 £173 £200 £210
Portrait Arch Top - 2 600mm x 700mm £132 £193 £231 £240
Portrait Arch Top - 3 750mm x 840mm £154 £234 £291 £296

NB Solid colour cut vinyl lettering will have twice the life span as full colour digital print. To help extend the life of digital print we do laminate all printed work.

Printed Panels Only - If you can send in a ready to-print-file there will be a £20 discount.
The prices above include our designer to lay out the text an include a suitable image or logo.

Single colour or two colour panels The prices above are for text only signs. If our graphic designers is having to use images to create the artwork file, the extra cost is £12.90 for one of our standard images, £24.90 for a vector image and £34.90 for a bitmap image eg jpg, gif, png or tiff.

Printed Hanging Panel

Prices Exclude VAT    The shipping band is J

We also have aluminium framed panels available for the above brackets
If you are looking for cheaper hanging signs - have a look at out RS range of hanging signs

(including VAT)

Swing Limitor Swing Preventor Hanging Plate Hanging Straps
TZ Swing Limiter Kit £29.50 ea
Contains 2 self tapping bolts, 1 galvanised cable clamp, 400mm stainless steel cable, 2 thimbles
Swing Preventor Bracket
500mm £43.00
600mm £47.00
800mm £55.00

TZ Hanging Plate £37.50 ea
3mm Steel construction 5 screws
length 500mm width 30mm
TZ Steel Hanging Straps
500mm - £46, 600mm - £53,
700mm - £61, 800mm - £64
900mm - £67
3mm thick 30mm wide

Outdoor Lighting Kits  are also available

Most of our signs are sent by courier and a signature will be needed. If it helps, we can send the parcel to your works address.

Shaped panel with top and bottom frame
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