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Colour Image Library use on Signs

All the images below can be incorporated into any full colour artwork. They can all be printed onto wheel covers, stickers, printed magnetic signs and any other colour printed item. They can also be used as backgrounds when creating designs.

to see the full selections - click on the images below             Single Colour

Single Colour
Single Colour Image Libruary
Wizards / Dragons
A selection of full colour wizards and dragons
World Logos
Trade Logos
The Wild West
Wild West Images
Bugs Butterflies
Race Graphics
Tall Ships
Race Graphics
Childrens Classics
Childrens Classics
Celtic & Norse
Full coloured celtic and norse designs
Vintage Posters
Vintage Posters
Childrens Images
Childrens Images
Race Graphics
Race Graphics

Backgrounds - to see the full selections - click on the images below 

Oval Blanks
Oval Backgrounds
Shaped Blanks
Shaped Sign Blanks
More Blanks
More Shaped Sign Blanks
Bolts & Caps
Bolts, Buttons. Caps and Rivets to use with bakgrouns
Flag Backgrounds
Flag Backgrounds
Timber Backgrounds
Timber & Wood Backgrounds
Pebbles, Rock, Brick
Backgrounds of brick, pebbles, rock, stone ad concrete
Sunrises & Sunsets
Backgrounds - Sunrises and Sunsets
Sky & Clouds
Backgrounds - Sky and Clouds
Water & Flowers
Water, flowers, grass and other natural backgrounds
Textured Backgrounds
Punch Metal
Punch Metal Backgrounds
Carbon Fibre
Carbon Backgrounds
Metal 1
Diamond Plate, Brushed Chrome, Riveted Metal & Chrome Swirls
Metal 2
Backgrounds - Engine Turn, Embossed Metal, Honeycombe, Shattered Chrome and other metal
Camouflage Backgrounds
Alien Textured
More Textured Backgrounds
Snake Skin / Hide
Backgrounds - Snake Skin and Animal Hide






Using one of our images costs £12 If you can't find anything suitable from all our images - you can subscribe to iCLIPART for a week to download any of their 8 million images. Alternatively for an extra £12 you can ask our designer to find you an appropriate image or find one on for us to download.

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