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Engraved brass memorial plaque

Engraved Brass Memorial Plaques

Brass is the traditional material for memorial plaques. Usually they are engraved in a script font with unpainted letters. However we can use a variety of fonts and with  letters over 10mm high we can infill with black, blue, green, orange, yellow or red. We also have wooden backing boards and tree stakes if required.

Engrave Acrylic Laminate

Laminate Memorial Plaques
These signs are ideal for maintenance free memorial plaques and grave markers. They are long lasting - made from 2 ply 3mm exterior grade flexible acrylic which is weather proof and UV resistant. The letters are engraved through the first layer of  acrylic laminate to show the colour underneath. The silver / black or the gold / black look especially good, particularly if mounted on a wooden backing board.

Wooden Memorial Plaques

Wooden Memorials
These are very beautiful and more lovely to use in gardens or woodland situations. We suggest using iroko as it has a high oil content and therefore requires less maintenance. However we are happy to make in all timbers including our favourite timber - oak. We also have hundreds of images we can include on this type of sign.  Also available - Wooden Crosses and Oval Signs and all wood plaques, grave markers and stakes for Woodland Burials

Black Aluminium Signs

Black Anodised Aluminium Signs
These signs are ideal for memorial plaques and grave markers as they look smart and are are maintenance free. They are made from 1.5mm black anodised aluminium. The letters are engraved through the black layer of laminate to show the silver colour underneath. Many styles of lettering available and lovely images also available.

Stone Effect Corian

Stone Effect Corian Plaques
A modern material with a cold stone like finish. It does actually contain a high proportion of stone dust. It is perfect for memorial plates in that it is very durable, fade proof and maintenance free. It comes in lots of colours and two thicknesses. It also has the advantage of being able to engrave and paint fill, small letters and quite intricate images. Paint fill colours include black, white, silver, gold or blue.

Laser Engraved Stainless Steel

Laser Engraved Stainless Steel
These tough and maintenance free stainless steel plates are often used as Memorial Plaques. Unlike normal engraving, it is not the lettering which is engraved - it is the black finish around the lettering. . This has a major advantage - the lettering can be smaller and the images and logos can also be far more detailed. Even good quality photos can be used. Although not engraved into the metal the lettering is permanent and as tough as the metal beneath.

Memorial plaque with raised letters

Memorial with Raised Letters
These metal memorial plaques are made from zinc plate, which is tough, stong and does not rust or tarnish. The background is etched away leaving the lettering, numbers, border and images raised. The background can be painted any colour you want and colour can also be added to the images.

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