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Backing Boards, Wooden Crosses
Tree Stakes for Signs & Plaques

Wooden Backing Boards

We can supply wooden backing boards in two thicknesses.

They are most often made in Oak which is a beautiful timber.

However we do have Sapele (similar to mahogany)Iroko (similar to teak). Iroko is full of oil so needs less maintenance.

Or Balau which is also full of oil, extremely durable and almost maintenance free. However it not the prettiest of our woods and can have small black marks in it. If you want a specific timber, please state on the order form.

Backing boards need to be 20 - 25mm larger in height and width than the plaque.

  Backing Board

Edge Styles

Standard Edge for Backing Board
Standard Edge for backing boards
45 degree beval edge
45 degree Bevel Edge
Rounded Edge Backing Boards
Simple Rounded Edge

The backing boards will normally be drilled with fixing holes which are hidden by the plaque. The plaques themselves can be drilled or double sided tape applied. If the tape option is preferred, the plaque will not be sent attached to the board (unless requested otherwise). Backing Boards are normally oiled or sprayed with a hard wearing satin varnish toleaving a natural wood look. We can however paint the timber green, blue, grey or black.

Corian Backing Boards

Corian can also be used for backing boards. It looks and feels like stone and has the advantage of being completely weatherproof without any treatment.  If you decide on a corian backing board we normally supply your plaque with exterior double sided tape in order for you to fix your plaque once the backing board is in place. Holes are drilled into the corian to fix it to a wall.  If you wanted to fix the board to a tree stake we are able to embed stainless steel inserts into the corian and supply fixing bolts.  £11 for one, £14.50 for two (£3.50 for each additional insert fitted
Corian backing boards
Corian backing board

Backing Boards - Wood or Corian

4" 100mm
5 " 125mm
7" 175mm
9"  225mm
10"  250mm
12" 300mm
16" 400mm
P&P - Backing Board and Sign

When finding the price of a backing board you will need to add about 20 - 25mm to the size of the plaque. eg  plate 100 x 150mm will need a backing board 125 x 175mm.
If you have an indoor site we do have a range of narrow plank joined oak backing boards which are only suitable for indoor use, but may work out cheaper.

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Tree Stakes

Slim Iron Stake

Wooden Backing Board and Wooden Stake

Wooden Backing Board and Silver Laminate Plaque

Tall Metal Plaque Holders
We offer various types of Tree Stakes
Slim Wrought Iron
Oak Posts
Tall Iron Plaque Holders
Moulded Plastic Plaque Holders
Wooden Stakes

Blank Wooden Crosses

Oak Memorial Cross (B)
Hand crafted in solid oak in five sizes - Ideal for mounting plaques
The oak is normally finished with long life satin varnish but can be black, white, light grey or left untreated.

Small Oak Cross to fit plaque up to 190x30mm - £32  P&P - D
Cross size - 355mm high, 200mm wide, timber width - 40mm

Medium Oak Cross to fit plaque up to 215 x40mm - £36  P&P - F
Cross size - 460mm high, 225mm wide, timber width - 50mm

Large Cross to fit plaque up to 290 x 50mm - £42  P&P - G
Cross size - 575mm high, 300mm wide, timber width - 60mm

X-Large Cross to fit plaque up to 430 x 75mm using 20mm Oak- £64  P&P - H
Cross size - 950mm high, 440mm wide, timber width - 85mm

XX-Large Cross to fit plaque up to 430 x 75mm using 30mm oak - £87 P&P - k
Cross size - 1050mm high, 440mm wide, timber width - 85mm

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wooden cross

Click here for Engraved Wooden Crosses

The beautifully made wooden cross are available in four sizes. They are normally hand made in oak with either a stake end or a flat end for wall mounting. Lettering and images can be lasered directly into the wood or onto a plate which is mounted onto the cross.

For more ideas have a look at the Gallery on our Blog or our Pinterest Board More Memorial Plaques
Cut Out Cross Backing with Silver Laminate Plaque
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Heart Shaped Wooden Plaque
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