Wooden house signs made from Chestnut - Good value wooden signs.

Wooden House Signs
  - Chestnut

Solid Chestnut House Signs

The timber for these wooden house signs is all grown in the South West and sourced from a local timber yard. Chestnut is a sustainable timber often grown in coppiced woodlands.

Sweet chestnut is traditionally known as poor mans oak! However we don't look at it this way - more of an interesting alternative to oak. It certainly does look very similar to oak with a fairly dense grain. It also has a high tannin content that makes it very durable. Chestnut may not be as structurally strong as oak but for wooden house signs that does not matter in the slightest.

Chestnut wood sign
Chestnut house signs

It can be left untreated and in most circumstances will weather down to a silver grey colour.

Alternatively we can stop the weathering with one of our wood treatments.

Sign Size Number Lines Suggested Maximum Number of Letters
or Spaces per Line
Cost P&P
100 x 460mm - 4" x 18" One 13 Lower Case, 8 UPPER CASE £59 E
100 x 530mm - 4" x 21" One 14 Lower Case, 10 UPPER CASE £63 E
100 x 585mm - 4" x 23" One 16 Lower Case, 11 UPPER CASE £66 F
150 x 530mm - 6" x 21" One 12 Lower Case, 8 UPPER CASE £79 F
150 x 585mm - 6" x 23" One 14 Lower Case, 10 UPPER CASE £85 G
150 x 230mm - 6" x 9"  Two 9 Lower Case, 7 UPPER CASE £52 D
150 x 300mm - 6" x12"  Two 13 Lower Case, 9 UPPER CASE £58 E


The price includes 6 letters - extra letters are £1.10 per letter. Lots of different fonts to choose from. Letter colour can be black, brown, green, bright blue or navy blue.

You can also choose one of our standard images @ £12.50 A line border can be included @ £ 5.95. It can have square or indented corners.

Holes can be drilled if required @ 85p per hole.

We do have a range of fittings, wooden posts and hanging brackets.

Above are the standard prices for chestnut wood signs but we can make to any size as well as simple shapes - see below.
Arch top chestnut wood sign. Oval wooden sign made from chestnut.


For more ideas have a look at the Gallery or our Pinterest Board Other Wooden Signs
Close up of chestnut
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Close up of chestnut house sign

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