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Safety Signs
Heath & Safety Signage

Fire Exit Signs

Emergency Escape Signs
Emergency escape signs are provided to guide people from anywhere in a building to a place of relative safety - The Escape Route, to the place of ultimate safety - The Assembly Area. It can not be assumed that everyone will know all the safe routes through the building, or indeed know their way to the assembly point. Clear emergency escape signs are essential.

Fire Safety Signs

Fire Safety Signs
Fire Action notices are required at all the Fire Alarm call points. The fire action sign should give very clear and easily read instructions of what people in that particular area of the building should do in the event of an emergency. Other fire safety signs include fire extinguisher guides, fire alarm points, fire bucket and fire blanket locations and fire warden information.

First Aid Safety Signs

First Aid Safety Signs
The location of emergency equipment should be clearly marked and in obvious place. These safety signs will help identify locations clearly and safely. There are also First Aid information posters to help with first aid treatment and training.

Information Signs

Community Signs
Most of the general information signs a black on white. They include a whole section of toilet signs, room signs such as office or canteen as well as hotel & school signs. In addition the is a range of parking and vehicle signs.

Warning Signs

Warning Signs
Warning signs are used to identify and warn of possible hazards. They should always be black text on a yellow background and include an appropriate image. These safety signs simple warn people of possible dangers.

Safety Posters

Safety Posters
We have a wide range of colourful, eye catching safety posters - many using humour to get the message across. Produced on tough, wipe-clean synthetic paper making them ideal for both internal and external use. Poster frames also available. Training DVD,s also available to accompany posters.

Security Signage

Security Signage plus Parking Signs
Operators of CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) must provide or display signs fairly near to their cameras to inform people that they are entering an area covered by surveillance equipment. These CCTV signs must be clearly visible and should identify; the purpose of the CCTV, who is responsible for the scheme, and who to contact regarding the scheme. This information is required in order to comply with the Data Protection Act 1998.

Mandatory Safety Signs

Mandatory Signs
These signs indicate that a particular course of action must be undertaken. Mandatory notices ensure that the Means of Escape and Evacuation routes are properly maintained and kept free from obstruction. Also includes PPE signs, Noise Control, Catering Signs & General Mandatory Signage. Available as standard signs or suspended.

Water Safety Signs

Water Safety Signs
We have a good selection of safety signs for all aquatic situations, including harbours, pools, lakes, inland waterways and quarries. They give guidance on leisure and sport activities in and around water, along with identifying risks of the environment.

Safety signs for the catering industry

Safety Signs for Catering
Catering safety signs are extremely important for any commercial kitchen environment. They help protect the employees and customers from food related risks that can occur during storage and preparation along with the kitchen risks using cooking equipment.

Virus Protection Signage

Virus Protection Signage
All premises must consider protection against viruses far more now than every in the past. this is for the protection of the staff and customers. Virus safety signs are crucial to remind people on how to avoid catching or spreading the viruses.

Site Safety Signs

Construction Site Signs
Construction sites & building sites have the potential to be dangerous places. It is the responsibility of the people who run the construction sites to ensure that there sufficient safety signs in full view for both workers and visitors to ensure that a high level of safety is maintained at all times. We have a large variety of construction site safety signs available in different sizes and materials.

Bespoke safety signage

Bespoke Safety Signage
There are not always off-the-shelf safety signs to suit your needs. Just tell us what you need and we will work out a price for you. Click here for a quote.

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