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Classic Range of Poster Cases / Notice Boards - 58mm Profile

Outdoor Poster Cases
Holds 9 A4 sheets V406002 £297

The classic range of waterproof poster cases and notice boards have a 58mm profile as opposed to the 30mm profile of the Traditional Range.  These are ideal for public buildings and corporate offices. The range also includes a number of larger notice boards (up to 21 A4 Sheets), the largest models using raising doors which are suspended on gas struts for ease of opening.

The doors are normally glazed with 4mm Plexichoc vandal resistant glazing, but tempered safety glass is available on request with this range. The backboard of the poster case is zinc plated steel which is laquered white. Magnets are supplied with extra magnets available.

The integrated hinged door is easily reversible without the need of a special tool. The poster case is secure with a tamper-proof safety lock.s. Larger models have two locks.  Click here for more manufacturing details.

These poster cases can be wall mounted or post mounted, the prices for posts are listed below. LED lighting kits are available as an optional extra. They are very energy efficient and have a long life expectancy. Another optional extra is the header board which is available in three shapes.

These poster cases and notice boards are only available as single sided. Click here for double sided in the 76mm profile range.

Prices on this page exclude VAT
Clissic Poster Case Poster Cases in Five Colours Large Poster Case
Holds 16 A4 - Anodised Finish
Holds 8 A4 sheets - Painted Finish

Painted Finish, Dome Header, Holds 18 A4 Sheets
V406081 with header and posts
Painted notice boards

Poster Case Colours
The standard colours are Black  RAL 9005, Bordeaux RAL 3004, Green RAL 6005, Blue RAL 5010 and Brown RAL 8017 along with silver anodised which is the cheapest.

Optional Headers
Header Options
Supplied with vinyl lettering in any of our standard colours.

Portrait  Prices on this page exclude VAT Optional Extras Post Options if Required
Size Finish No. A4 sheets Ref Code Cost P&P Header *LED Kit 2 Posts to concrete in 2 Posts with
base plates
2 Posts if having header
H750 x W550 Anodised 4 - A2 V506000 £197 N £80 £50 £130 £191 £130
H750 x W550 Painted 4 - A2 V406000 £243 N £80 £46 £168 £218 £168
H750 x W750 Anodised 6 V506001 £228 N £97 £55 £130 £191 £130
H750 x W750 Painted 6 V406001 £288 N £97 £55 £168 £218 £168
H1050 x W750 Anodised 9 - A1 V506002 £255 N £97 £55 £130 £191 £130
H1050 x W750 Painted 9 - A1 V406002 £321 N £97 £55 £168 £218 £168
H1350 x W750 Anodised 12 V506003 £338 N £97 £85 £213 N/A £213
H1350 x W750 Painted 12 V406003 £424 N £97 £85 £245 N/A £245
H1350 x W1000 Anodised 16 - A0 V506004 £374 NN £115 £97 £213 N/A £213
H1350 x W1000 Painted 16 - A0 V406004 £469 NN £115 £97 £245 N/A £245
Postage Rates for Notice Boards with Posts - OO      

Landscape  Prices on this page exclude VAT Optional Extras Post Options if Required
Size Finish No. A4 sheets Ref Code Cost P&P Header LED Kit 2 Posts to concrete in 2 Posts with
base plates
2 Posts if having header
H830 x W980 Anodised 8 V506080 £352 N £115 £68 £128 £191 £128
H830 x W980 Painted 8 V406080 £418 N £115 £68 £168 £217 £168
H1080 x W1330 Anodised 18 V506081 £580 NN £136 £79 £213 N/A £213
H1080 x W1330 Painted 18 V406081 £683 NN £136 £79 £244 N/A £244
H1130 x W1600 Anodised 21 V506082 £663 O £164 £92 £213 N/A £213
H1130 x W1600 Painted 21 V406082 £793 O £164 £92 £244 N/A £244
Postage Rates for Notice Boards with Posts - OO             

Posts for the classic range are 60mm x 40mm. If embedding into concrete are the posts are 2600mm high and for mounting on a base plate they are 2200mm high. If you wish to have a header the posts need to be concreted into the ground.

A third posts is also available if placing two poster cases side by side:- £75 for Anodised or £91 for Painted.

* LED lighting kit should be installed by a qualified electrician.

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Poster Cases with Posts
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