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Hand Painted and Hand Finished Metal Name Plates

These metal signs and door name plates are made from zinc plate, which is strong, tough and does not rust or tarnish. The background is etched away leaving the lettering, numbers, border and images raised. The background can be painted any colour you want and we can add some extra colour into the images as well. Your image could be a military badge, football team emblem, favourite animal.

Arch top metal signs made in rust proof zinc. Commemorative plaque for the Queens Jubilee.

These name plates and house signs are weather resistant, hard wearing and very well made. You wont be disappointed.

Most simple images can be used but they are best without tones or shading. Line drawings can also be used. Simple Image - £20

You can use also most of the fonts - just avoid those with very fine lines.


Metal House Sign
Zinc plated house sign with a backing board
Shape Size Cost
Round - Small 125mm diameter £82
Round - Medium 175mm diameter £152
Round - Large 240mm diameter £278
Oval - Small 110mm x 150mm £79
Oval - Medium 140mm x 190mm £133
Oval - Large 200mm x 280mm £269
Rectangular Room Signs 40mm x 100mm £29
Rectangular Gate Signs 60mm x 110mm £40
Rectangular - Small 110mm x 150mm £86
Rectangular - Medium 140mm x 190mm £131
Rectangular - Large 200mm x 280mm £269
Rectangular - A5 approx 150mm x 210mm £156
Rectangular - A4 approx 210mm x 300mm £303
Rectangular - A3 approx 300mm x 420mm £499
Arch Top - Small 115mm x 125mm £76
Arch Top - Medium 150mm x 200mm £149
Arch Top - Large 230mm x 250mm £278
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Please note that with this type of pressed metal plate there are natural markings within the metal. They are sanded down before painting but there will always be a slight presence.

Oval plaque with raised letters. Zinc plaque fixed to 6mm corian backing board on wrought iron tree stake.
Zinc plaque fixed to 6mm corian backing board on wrought iron tree stake.
Arch Top House SignDoor Name Plates
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Name Plate with Football Emblem
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House number sign made to look like old penny

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