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Cast Brass Name Plates
and House Signs

Cast Brass House Sign

House Name Plates
made of solid brass

Made of solid brass, these name plates can be painted in Black, Red, Purple, Blue, Green or Maroon. Several lines of wording can be incorporated, by reducing the letter size. We can include a house number or a motif on your house sign if required.  See motifs below

Brass Name Plates

NB These signs are not suitable within a 10 mile radius of coastal areas as they will corrode.

Cast Brass House Name Plates

House Signs

  Cast Brass Name Plate

Rectangular Shape Brass House Sign
Small      B1: 30.5 x 6.5cm £71.50- P&P
(B1 out of stock)
Med      B11: 43 x 10cm £100.50- P&P
(B11 out of stock)
Large  B10: 30 x 17.5cm £123.20- P&P F
(B10 out of stock)
           B24: 44.5 x 25cm £200.50- P&P F
           B25: 50 x 35cm £305.20- P&P F
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Cast Brass Sign with purple background
Cast brass house sign with rope edge

B8 - only 7 characters in row
Rope edge

Oval Brass Name Plates

B2: 33 x 25cm £137.30 - P&P H
B14: 40.5 x 28cm £178.90 -
B22: 44.5 x 30cm £199.95 -
B23: 52.5 x 37.5cm £305.20 - P&P H
B8: 19 x 14cm £81.00
- P&P E

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B8 can only use motif M1
maximum of 7 letters per line

Arch Top Cast Brass Sign

B16 - only 7 characters in row

Arch Top Cast Brass Signs
Small   B16: 19cm x 17cm £82.05- P&P
Med  B3: 19cm x 36cm £138.90- P&P
Large  B13: 19.5 x 43cm £178.90- P&P

Large  B20: 44.5 x 25cm £199.95 P&P H
Tall     B21: 50 x 35cm £305.20- P&P H

Post and Packing Rates

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The most appropriate sized letters will be used to create a balanced appearance of your chosen size of sign or name plate.

Each motif is available in a range of sizes and the most appropriate size will be used to achieve a balanced appearance.

Arch Top Cast Brass House Signs

Motifs for Cast Brass House Signs

M2 - flower
 motifs for brass signs
M3 -daffodils
M4 - rose
M5 -robin
M7 - squirrel

House Numbers


 house numbers
B19 £67.30 - P&P D

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B5 £30.50- P&P D
(B5 out of stock)
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 Arch Top Cast Brass Number
B4 £30.50 - P&P D
11.5 x 14cm

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Cast brass house number B9
B9 £67.30 - P&P D
19 x 14cm
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 Rope Edge Brass
no motif
B7 £62.05 - P&P D
19 x 14cm

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 Brass Number Sign
no motif
B18 £67.30- P&P D
15 x 17cm

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Oval Cast Brass Sign
no motif
B6 £30.50 - P&P D
14 x 10cm

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Post and Packing Rates

Choosing Your House Sign   More Cast Metal Name Plates
Arch Top Cast Brass House Sign
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Arch Top Cast Brass Name Plate
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