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Hanging signs with wall mounted brackets - RS Range

Panels and Brackets are sold separately

The Hanging Brackets - These brackets are of a welded construction, manufactured from steel and powder coated. The standard colours for hanging brackets are black or white.

Other colours are available @ £42 excl VAT per order (not per board) to cover the extra painting time. The metal panels are also available in these colours.

Spare parts are available for these hanging signs.

Hanging Sign. on AF Bracket. Black metal panel with white text. ref 1311.SV.049 Colours for Hanging Business Signs

Brackets are supplied with fittings  - straps & saddles, in white or black  Prices exclude VAT

MF Bracket PG Bracket
MF Bracket
Code Length Distance between
hanging straps
For Sign Widths Cost
MFL 725mm 400mm 450 - 675mm £62
MFP 630mm 330mm 380 - 580mm £56
PGL Bracket
Code Length Distance between
hanging straps
For Sign Widths Cost
PGL 756mm 400mm 450 - 706mm £85

PSP Bracket AF Bracket
PSP Bracket
Code Length Distance between
hanging straps
For Sign Widths Cost
PSP 610mm 330mm 380 - 560mm £78
AF Bracket
Code Length Distance between
hanging straps
For Sign Widths Cost
AFL 725mm 400mm 450- 675mm £78
AFP 630mm 330mm 380- 580mm £72

Panel Choices

Portrait or Landscape - depends on the bracket you have chosen

PVC or Metal
- PVC is white, Metal panels are available in any of the colours listed above
Size - There are two size choices for each option

The Straps and Saddles are available in black or white. They will be sent in black unless otherwise stated.

Black Hanging Panel - Metal

Prices exclude VAT
Panel Type
Colour Options
Visible Panel Size
x Height
One Colour
Cut Vinyl
Both Sides
Full Colour
Both Sides
Metal Portrait
Black, White or
Colours as above
Extra £42 for colours
454 x 596 mm
£34 £78 £102
Metal Portrait
494 x 700 mm
£36 £85 £111
Metal Landscape
596 x 454 mm
£34 £78 £102
Metal Landscape
700 x 494 mm
£36 £85 £111
PVC Portrait
White Only
454 x 596 mm
£19 £62 £86
PVC Portrait
494 x 700 mm
£19 £67 £94
PVC Landscape
596 x 454 mm
£19 £62 £86
PVC Landscape
700 x 494 mm
£19 £67 £94
Oval Metal Landscape
 Black, White or Colour
590 x 324 mm
£36 £74 £96

P&P Rate J - for Panel, Bracket or Complete Hanging Sign     Order your Hanging Sign Now

There are two choices here:-

1 - Cut vinyl single colour lettering applied to both sides of the panel.
This is the longer lasting but less versatile. If images are to be used they need to be simple silhouette type. Click here for vinyl colours. Reflective lettering can also be used - Extra £20

2 - The designs is printed in full colour vinyl which is applied to the panel. Any number of colours or images can be used. For full colour work order white or black panel as apart from the edges it will be covered with vinyl print. The printed is covered in a tough eggshell laminate which adds extra protection and extends the lifespan of the sign.
Full Colour design using customers artwork
Full Colour Printed design on a black metal MT3 panel


We can include images on your hanging sign. We have a selection single colour standard images - along with some fantastic backgrounds to use on full colour designs or you can send in your own artwork.


Design Costs

Text Only Design - No Charge
Ready to Use Artwork - No Charge

Our designer to create the overall design:-
Using one of our standard images along with your text - Cost £9.50
Using your image as it is sent and incorporating it into the design - Cost £19.50
Using your image, but sending it to our graphic designer to be vectorised - £29.50 This may be necessary if image sent is small or of low quality.

Click Here for more information about images and artwork

AF Bracket ith potrait panel
Full colour printing plus cut vinyl letters

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Most of our signs are sent by courier and a signature will be needed. If it helps, we can send the parcel to your works address.
Full Colour Printed Sign
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