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Fun Wheelcovers

SR-Advance semi rigid wheelcover- £99 including VAT
Stainless Steel wheel cover- £160 including VAT

Up to 4 words can be added at a cost of £10 if required.
These can be placed on the picture, put underneath or around the outside.
Fairy Fairy Image - 005 as a circle
Fairy Images - Click Here
wild west
Wild West Image - 124 as a circle
Wild West Images - Click Here

butterfly wheelcover Butterfly Image - 65
Butterfly Images - Click Here
smiley face World Logo - rollback
World Logos - Click Here
no mercy World Logo - www no mercy
World Logos - Click Here
the bulldog World Logo - the bulldog
World Logos - Click Here

2-bird-01 2-bird-01 dragon
Dragon CWD062a
Dragons and Wizards





All of the designs below can be sold as wheel covers, wheelcover stickers
or 12"/ 300mm stickers which can be applied to any shiny surface inside or out.

fun wheelcovers

As we hold these designs in stock we can supply them quickly
- a week for semi-rigid or stickers and two weeks for stainless steel.

300mm Sticker to apply to any shiny surface inside or out - £17.60 incl VAT
550mm Sticker to apply to existing hard wheelcover - £30.00 incl VAT
Laminated vinyl (for 2 years longer life) - £9.50

fun wheel covers
nb. sprite and shape 181 can be cut in silver reflective or metallic gold, silver, purple or blue cut vinyl

Click here for more pictures

We need tyre size and vehicle make for Stainless Steel,
but just a wheelcover size for the semi-rigid - Click here for wheel cover sizes

PLEASE NOTE: All wheelcovers are dispatched by courier and must be signed for.  Please open the box and check the cover before signing to agree that it has reached its destination in good condition.

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