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Stone House Sign / Home Name Plate

At our workshops in Devon we have a large stock of slate and other stone including various granites and marbles to make your house sign or home name plate. We first select a piece of slate or stone to suit the sign. It is then cut to size and polished.

The lettering is engraved or sand blasted into the stone. Slate house signs can also be created by blasting away the background leaving the letters raised. Have a look at our Gallery our Pinterest Board

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  Raised and umpainted slate sign

Standard Size Slate House Signs

Slate House Signs - standard sizes
The standard sizes for slate house signs are 2" 50mm high, 75mm 3" high,100mm  4" high, 150mm  6" high and 225mm  9" high. . Letter size is not fixed and is adjusted to suit the sign. We have a large selection of fonts to choose from.  Also borders can be included on any of our stone signs if required.

Slate Home Name Sign

Slate Home Signs - made to measure
We can cut slate to any size so if you have a particular size slate sign in mind we should be able to help you. You choose the font plus an image or border if required and we will design your design just the way you want it. As with all slate signs letters can be carved out and painted - usually silver, gold, white or ivory.  Lettering can also be raised and unpainted.

Coloured Slate Home Name Signs

Coloured Slate Home Name Signs
A lovely range of coloured slate, several with interesting markings. Colours include green, copper and silver.The letters are normally painted silver, gold or white. However we occasionally use ivory, black, crimson, purple, dark green, lime green, pearlescent green, dark blue, mid blue or pearlescent blue. Images can be included.

Raised slate lettering

Slate House Sign with Raised Lettering
This is a new type of slate house sign which looks very smart indeed.  It can be designed with or without a border and to any size. The background is blasted away and painted, which leaves the slate lettering raised and proud of the background.

Limestone house sign

Limestone House Sign
The  limestone house sign is a recent addition to our range of stone signs. We came across the limestone while looking for new marbles and fell in love with it. If you study the stone you can actually see little fossilized creatures in the limestone. The stone is polished to a smooth matt finish and will be very long lasting. The sign to the left also shows some of our new paint colours.

Oval Slate House  Number

Slate Number Sign
Slate house numbers can made in several sizes and in all sorts of styles. We have a variety of ideas on the page to look at but you can choose your own font, border, logo, colour etc. Prices start at £12.50 for a simple 100mm x 100mm (4" x 4") house number. Oval and round plaques also available. 

Good Value Basic Slate Signs

Value V-Cut Slate Name Plates
These polished very dark grey slate house signs and numbers are hand engraved using a router which makes the traditional V-cut lettering style. The letters sizes available are 30mm, 40mm and 50mm. Signs are available either 100mm high or 200mm high. Less choice, only one font, but  very good value for money. Fast delivery.

Large Slate Signage

Large Slate Signage
For our large slate signs we use slate at 20mm, 30mm or 50mm thick. The signs are available in four standard heights - 225mm (9 inches), 300mm (12 inches), 450mm (18 inches), 600mm (24 inches) They can be cut to any length as required

Slate doorstep

Personalised Slate Doorsteps
These are really unique and add a lovely touch to the entrance of your home or business. Can be cut to any size. Price includes two images. As these are unpainted it is best to choose a bold font. The sand blasted design also adds grip to the step as smooth slate can be slippery in the wet.

Oval Name Plate

Round and Oval Name Plates
Round and oval slate signs are slightly more expensive than straight edged signs due to the extra cutting costs involved. However they look very effective in certain settings and can be worth the extra cost. Sizes from 150mm - 600mm ( 6 inches - 24 inches). 

Granite, Marble , Quartz signs

Granite, Marble and Quartz Signs
A range of polished granite, marble and quartz signage. Lots of lovely colours created in many sizes. Pictures can be included if required. Can also be etched into the polished granite without painting.
Round Marble Name Plates
Available in white or green with or without a timber backing boards.
Large Granite Memorials & Nameplates Granite signs and memorials in 10mm, 20m and 30mm thick granite. Sizes up to 650mm x 2000mm

corian Signs

Corian Name Plates
This is not stone but as it looks like stone and has a cold stone like finish, we have included it in this section. It is actually a mixture of clear acrylic resin, stone dust and pigments. It is perfect for signs in that it is durable, fade proof and virtually maintenance free. The letter size can be as small as 7.5mm unlike real stone which has a minimum letter height of 25mm.

Granite and Marble numbers

Granite and Marble Number Signs
A range of stone numbers including black and red granite plus white, green or black marble.

Thick slate memorials

Slate Memorials
Memorials can be cut from slate to any size. Letters can be blasted into the stone down to a size of 15mm high. Small letters are left unpainted.  We can slate of any thickness - 12mm, 20mm, 30mm or 50mm. - Just tell us what you want.

Memorial Tablets

Stone Memorial Tablets
These lovely stone memorial tablets are made from thick slate or thick granite. We have 20mm, 30mm and 50mm slate plus four different 30mm granites.

The standard size tablet is 300mm x 300mm and they are intended to be set into a lawn or garden. We have created some suggested layouts, but we can, as always, create a unique stone tablet to your own design

For more ideas have a look at the Gallery on our Blog or our Pinterest Board    


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