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Clear Acrylic Signage, House Signs and Numbers

High quality contemporary acrylic signs suitable for internal or external use. These signs look crystal clean like glass and are ideal for a modern look.

Apart from a wash occasionally no other maintenance is required. They can be used for house signs, name plates, door number signs, or information signage.

Large Rectangle
Font - Fantasy Heavy
Complete with fixings

The lettering is usually done in black but can be in almost any colour.This could be in white,cream or silver grey if the background is dark. We can also do in a sandblast effect. It is applied to the reverse of the sign and is therefore protected against vandalism.

We have a large selection of lettering styles or fonts - for a selection of fonts - CLICK HERE Letter size is normally adjusted to suit the sign. The minimum letter size is 20mm.

Single Colour Pictures, Symbols & Logos
We can include pictures . We have a selection single colour standard images - Click here to see a variety of standard logos, symbols & pictures - or you can send in your own artwork -
(Images for single colour work must be a clean silhouette style image without any very fine lines or shades)

Image Cost
£4.95 per standard image
£11.90 for your own artwork which has been vectorised (outline/traced) in a PC format - file types AI, or EPS.
£19.90 per image for other formats eg. jpg, tiff, other bitmap or artwork to be scanned

Small Rectangle

Sizes and Prices

Shape & Size  NB 25mm =1 inch, 100mm = 4 inches Price - Clear  with Backing Vinyl
Square max - 4 characters 110mm x 110mm x 5mm £27.50 £29.35
Square - 200mm x 200mm x 5mm £39.90 £41.25
Square - 300mm x 300mm x 10mm £54.95 £57.95
Round - 110mm x 110mm x 5mm max - 4 characters £26.80 £28.70
Round  - 200mm x 200mm x 5mm £34.65 £35.95
Round  - 300mm x 300mm x 10mm £55.95 £58.95
Oval - 160mm x 100mm x 5mm max - 6 characters £26.95 £29.10
Oval  - 310mm x 150mm x 5mm £34.85 £36.40
Oval  - 300mm x 200mm x 10mm £43.40 £45.40
Rectangle - 300mm x 70mm x 5mm max - 16 characters on 1 line £29.70 £31.95
Rectangle - 310mm x 150mm x 10mm £42.20 £43.75
Rectangle - 297mm x 210mm x 5mm (A4) £45.75 £46.80
Rectangle - 450mm x 150mm x 10mm £51.85 £53.95
Rectangle - 300mm x 200mm x 10mm £47.90 £49.90

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P&P Brackets A B C D E F G H

Click here for larger sizes         Click here for full Colour Name Plates

Acrylic sign with white vinyl behind lettering


Backing Vinyl

An interesting and very effective alternative is to have a coloured vinyl applied behind the lettering.

We can do this in blue or grey sandblast effect or a solid colour vinyl. The gold looks very classy - see below, white looks crisp and modern - see left.

We can use any of our range of vinyl colours though to create a really individual house name plate



Backing Vinyl
Acrylic sign with gold vinyl behind lettering

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Glass like acylic
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