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Reflective and Metallic Magnetic Signs for Vehicles
Make sure you are noticed, day or night

These are more expensive than the normal cut vinyl magnetics but they will certainly get your noticed!  They are also longer lasting than printed vinyl magnetics. The only disadvantage is that lettering can be no smaller than 25mm and the images must be very simple - single colour with no fine lines or shading. As with our magnetics these are made on .9mm magnetic sheeting with a strength of 44G per square cm. Can be made on any plain backing colour.

Reflective yellow lettering on black background

Reflective or Metallic Lettering
Prices include 30 characters,
Extra letters £1.65 per 15
Minimum letter size 25mm.
Click here for available fonts

Reflective Colours - White/Silver,
Yellow, Red, Green & Blue

Click here for  Plain Backing Colours

4 upper case letters or spaces to 100mm
6 lower case letters or spaces to 100mm

Click here for Sign Sizing and Layout Tool

Metallic Colours - gold, silver, light blue, dark blue and purple.
Metalised Film - gold chrome, silver chrome, brushed gold, brushed silver and carbon fibre

Also available in photoluminescent (glow in the dark) lettering - off white in daylight

We can include pictures . We have a selection single colour standard images - Click here to see a variety of standard logos, symbols & pictures - or you can send in your own artwork -
(Images for single colour work must be a clean silhouette style image without any very fine lines or shades) For magnetics with full colour images - Click here

Single Colour Images
£7.50 per standard image
£17.50 for your own artwork which has been vectorised (outline/traced) in a PC format - file types AI, or EPS.
£27.50 per image for other formats eg. jpg, tiff, other bitmap or artwork to be scanned

Reflective white lettering on green background

Reflective and Metallic Lettering on White or Coloured Background - Prices Include VAT

of Signs
225 x
225 x
250 x
300 x
300 x
300 x 600mm
450 x
450 x
450 x
600 x
600 x
750 mm
600 x
£30.04 £34.22 £34.07 £32.83 £38.39 £43.96 £40.65 £46.74 £55.18 £63.45 £77.37 £88.50
£38.39 £46.74 £53.75 £50.55 £63.35 £76.17 £82.57 £101.77 £120.98 £127.37 £152.98 £178.59
£63.35 £82.57 £81.85 £76.17 £101.77 £127.37 £121.90 £155.30 £188.70 £199.83 £232.16 £274.45
£71.80 £96.85 £95.92 £88.50 £121.90 £155.30 £172.00 £222.11 £258.60 £274.45 £337.91 £401.38
£105.20 £108.62 £145.40 £133.03 £188.70 £232.16 £258.60 £337.91 £417.24 £443.69 £518.58 £620.72

Click here for order form to print and post or fax

Cut Vinyl Magnetics    Printed Full Colour Magnetics

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