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Full Colour Sign Boards

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Full Colour Printing on Aluminium Composite Sign Boards

We can cover the aluminium composite board in full colour printed vinyl. This is ideal for signs with small lettering or where several colours, several images or photos are required. NB - all printed vinyl does gradually fade over the years. We can however increase lifespan and add extra protection  by covering with clear gloss laminate. Just add 10% to the pricing chart below.

For a longer lasting sign use cut vinyl

The composite is cheaper than solid aluminium but it is very durable and easy to use . It is 3mm thick, lightweight, exceptionally rigid and does not corrode. It is composed of a thermoplastic polyethylene core sandwiched between two aluminium alloy sheets

This used one of our interesting backgrounds
Font Arial - Black Outline with Drop Shadow - Background Graywood

Prices Include VAT
£39.74 £40.38 £41.02 £42.29 £44.83 £48.65 £52.46 £56.28 £60.10
£41.02 £41.97 £42.92 £44.83 £48.65 £54.37 £60.10 £65.82 £71.54
£42.29 £43.56 £44.83 £47.38 £52.46 £60.10 £67.73 £75.36 £82.99
£44.83 £46.74 £48.65 £52.46 £60.10 £71.54 £82.99 £94.44 £105.89
£47.38 £49.92 £52.46 £57.55 £67.73 £82.99 £98.26 £113.52 £128.78
£52.46 £56.28 £60.10 £67.73 £82.99 £105.89 £128.78 £151.68 £174.58
£57.55 £62.64 £67.73 £77.90 £98.26 £128.78 £159.31 £189.84 £220.37
£62.64 £69.00 £75.36 £88.08 £113.52 £151.68 £189.84 £228.00 £266.16
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Big Discounts for more than one sign board
The prices listed are for a single sign board
Order two identical sign boards for a  £25 discount
Order two different sign boards in the full colour for a  £15 discount on second and subsequent boards

Order your Aluminium Composite Sign Now

Prices include 100 letters, Extra characters £1.35 per 50. Click here for available fonts We also have a whole range of interesting text effects - Click Here for Text Effects


Shaped signs also available @ £7.50 for a simple shape such as an oval or arch top.

Scuff Resistant Vinyl Matt Finish Scuff Resistant Vinyl
As well as full gloss vinyl we can use a matt scuff resistant vinyl.

We can include images. We have a selection of full colour backgrounds which can dramatically change the look of your sign - Click here to see standard colour backgrounds and images - or you can send in your own artwork.

No charges for complete print ready artwork - more information about print ready

Other Image Costs as Follows :-

£9.50 per standard image or background

£19.50 for your own artwork which has been vectorised (outline/traced) in a PC format - file types AI, or EPS.
£19.50 for good quality photographs - to be used as they are

£29.50per image for artwork sent as bitmap image eg. jpg, tiff, gif- which needs to be vectorised.
£29.50 for photographs which need to be adjusted - eg backgrounds removed.

Full colour sign board

If the artwork for the whole sign is sent in as a ready-to-use artwork there will be no extra charges - either for lettering or images. This is because we do not have to do any work on the design or layout. However it will be printed exactly as sent - no changes made. If you send us poor quality artwork, we guarantee you will be disappointed with your sign.
We prefer to use vector files (ai or eps) for artwork as these can be enlarged to any size without lose of quality. These are created in drawing programs such Adobi Illustrator.

Ready to print artwork provided

A variety of wooden posts are available - we would suggest 2" x 2" oak or 3" x 3" black stained softwood - Click here   Alternatively 3mm solid aluminium signs on metal posts might be an option.

Channel  can also be fixed to reverse if required @ £15 per metre. Clips £7.50 per pair.

Most of our signs are sent by courier and a signature will be needed. If it helps, we can send the parcel to your works address.
Aluminium Composite Signs
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Most of our signs are sent by courier and a signature will be needed. If it helps, we can send the parcel to your works address.

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