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Maintenance Free Engraved
Memorial Plaques & House Signs

Exterior Grade Acrylic Laminate

Blue Acrylic Laminate Information Sign
Font Arial Black. Blue laminate with white letters. Line border.

These plaques are tough and ideal for use with machinery

These signs are ideal for house names, outdoor information signs and name plates. They are very durable - made from 2 ply 3mm exterior grade flexible acrylic which is weather proof and UV resistant. The letters are engraved through the first layer of laminate to show the colour underneath.

Signs are available in the following colours

Gold Surface / Black Letters Silver Surface / Black Letters Black Surface / White Letters
Blue Surface / White Letters Cream Surface / Brown Letters White Surface / Black Letters
White Surface / Blue Letters Yellow Surface / Black Letters White Surface / Red Letters
Red Surface / White Letters Bright Green Surface / White Letters Teal Green Surface / White Letters
Steel Effect / Black Letters Copper Effect / Black Letters Brass Effect / Black Letters

Sizes and Prices

Prices include 50 characters. Extra letters £3.50 per 50.
Minimum letter size for plain colours is 10mm.
i.e. no more than 14 letters and spaces per 100mm 4" . Use the design tool to work out your plaque size.

If you need smaller text use the Brass, Copper or Steel Effect which are lasered as opposed to deep engraved and the letters can be as small as you wish.

Click here to use our design tool

Prices include VAT

9 "
£23.45 £26.95 £30.55 £34.25 £39.08 £42.77 £46.47 £53.86
£27.17 £29.76 £32.67 £38.17 £42.53 £46.89 £51.25 £59.97
£29.76 £31.44 £35.93 £40.95 £45.98 £51.01 £56.04 £66.09
£32.67 £35.93 £40.17 £46.53 £52.88 £59.24 £65.60 £78.32
£38.17 £40.95 £46.53 £54.88 £63.24 £71.60 £79.95 £96.67
£42.53 £45.98 £52.88 £63.24 £73.60 £83.95 £94.31 £115.02
£46.89 £51.01 £59.24 £71.60 £83.95 £96.30 £108.66 £133.36

Click here to design your engraved plaque and send it to us for a quote.

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Holes can be drilled or double sided tape attached as required at no extra cost.

Small Sign!!
Smallest sign we have ever made!
Beware Of Dog Laminate
Blue / white letters Line border
Please Ring For Attention Laminate
Teal green / white letters
Laminate House Number
White / black letters
Line border
We can engrave the letters in a variety of fonts

We can include simple images on the signs. We have a selection CLICK HERE - or you can send in you own artwork - The cost is £9.50 per standard image under 100mm. More information about images.

House Plaque
Font Times New Roman. White laminate/ black letters. Cut to shape.  Pictures from our standard artwork selection
Laser Laminate Sign

If you have a particular ideas in mind please send it to us as a sketch, image file or a word document We will re-create your design as closely as we can. If you send artwork as an eps vector image we can use it exactly as it is.
Alternatively use The Design Tool to design your plaque and click the button to send it to us.

For more ideas have a look at the Gallery on our Blog or our Pinterest Board   More Engraved Signs
Black engraved acrylic plaque with white text
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Engraved plaque in plaque holder
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