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Plaques sold with or without backing boards
The silver anodised aluminium is ideal for the more contemporary nameplate and has the advantage of being tarnish free. It is also much harder than brass and therefore more resistant to scratching. It can be engraved in a range of fonts looks very stylish if mounted on a wooden backing board. The letters are best infilled with black or blue. Another slightly cheaper alternative is the silver engraved acrylic laminate.

Black Lettered Aluminium House Sign

These plaques are not available at present - We suggest you use Stainless Steel as an alternative.

Aluminium Sign
Chemically etched anodised aluminium plaque.

Aluminium Sign Aluminium Plaque on Backing Board

Wooden Backing Boards

We can supply wooden backing boards if required. We usually make them in Oak. However we do have other timber - Sapele (similar to mahogany) and Iroko (similar to teak). If you want a specific timber just let us know. When finding the price of a backing board you will need to add about 1 " 25mm to the size of the plaque.  eg  aluminium plaque 4" x 6" will need a backing board 5" x 7".

Tree stakes, oak pegs and wooden crosses

Anodised Aluminium Signs
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