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Large painted entrance sign
Large Painted Entrance Signs

Font - Times New Roman
Beautiful entrance sign made from oak and painted Heritage Green. The lettering was gold and for extra protection and a gloss finish it was coated in Coack Kote. The size of the sign was 800mm x 500mm with 2.4m posts.

Painted Hockey Stick Signs
Painted Hockey Stick Signs

Font - Arial, Size -1200mm High
A simple sign which can be buried in the grass verge at your property entrance, Made from long lasting tricoya board which is then painted a huge range of colours. #

Wooden Home Sign with Harry Potter font
Painted Slate Sign

Size - 450 x 300mm
The letters on this slate house sign are raised and unpainted and the background has been sandlslated away and painted white.

Blue painted entrance sign
Blue Painted Farm Sign

Font - Bookman Size - 600 x 250mm
The sign has been made of oak which was painted Hague Blue. The sign was morticed into the posts. The posts have gothic tops.

Painted Farm Sign
Painted Farm Sign on Posts

Font - Times New Roman
A painted farm sign sized 600mm x 300mm in Farrow and Ball Downpipe Grey with white lettering. Idigbo posts have been used which are cheaper than oak posts.

Private Signs
Painted Private Signs

Font - Times New Roman
These two private signs were made in 12mm tricoya board and painted Heritage Green. The size of each private sign was 300mm x 75mm

Double sided hanging house sign
Painted Oak Sign - Double Sided

Font - Lucida Calligraphy
The size of this sign is 500mm x 200mm, the sign colour is cream and the letter colour is dark green. Posts with hanging arm can be made to match - Click Here #

Tricoya board with framed edge
Painted Sign Board

Font - Times Roman, Size 750 x 450mm
This tricoya board sign has a frame edge and is painted in Stiffkey Blue with Pointing letter colour.

Grey sign with white letters
Grey and White Sign

Font - Times New Roman
Another wooden sign made in Accoya. The size was 450mm x 150mm. The sign colour was Farrow and Ball Purbeck Stone. It was supplied with small stakes.

Cream painted house sign
Cream Painted House Sign

Font - Higher Tower Bold
Farrow cream painted Accoya sign 750mm x 300mm in size. Holes drilled top and bottom at customers request.

Painted house sign with painted flowers
White Painted Oak House Sign

Font - Times New Roman
A white painted house sign made in oak with black lettering and green and yellow flowers. The size was 530mm x 225mm

Painted Entrance Sign
Painted Entrance Sign

Font - Times New Roman - All Caps
The panel size on this front fixed entrance sign was 600mm x 300mm. The colour was Farrow and Ball Stone Blue

Painted Oak Sign
Painted Oak Sign

Font - Chancery, Size 460mm x 300mm
This sign was made on 25-30mm oak. It was double sided and supplied with fixings for hanging.#

Painted House Sign
Painted House Signs

Font - Times New Roman
These signs measured 450mm x 100mm. It was made on Accoya wooded painted in Farrow and Ball Purbeck Stone #

White painted house sign
White Painted House Sign

Font Heather Regular
The sign measured 400mm x 300mm and the material was 18mm thick tricoya board. The border - Decorative Border 01 - and letters were painted black.

Painted oak sign
Painted Oak House Sign

Font - Times New Roman
A beautiful painted heavy oak sign in Farrow and Ball Downpipe grey with with letters. The sign size was 450mm x 225mm

Painted framed sign
Painted Framed Sign

Font - Bookman Old Style
A framed Tricoya sign painted cream with black lettering. Overall size 450mm x375mm

Hanging painted sign
Painted Hanging Sign

Font - Murray Bold, Size 600mm x 225mm
This sign was painted in ivory on 18mm tricoya board. Stainless steel eyeplates were fitted for hanging the sign.

Framed holiday cottage sign
Framed Holiday Cottage Sign

Font - Baskerville, Size - 600 x 600mm
Framed wooden sign for a holiday cottage painted in Farrow and Ball Lichen.

Signs for holiday cottage complex.
Painted Business Signs

Font - Times New Roman
The sign colour is Farrow and Ball - Down Pipe Grey, the letter colour is white. The signs were made from tricoya and the posts idigbo. Free standing signs ideal for events. Post tops are gothic style.

Painted Wood House Sign
Painted Wood House Sign

Font - Comic Sans, Size - 410 x 310mm
This wooden house sign has been made with accoya timber. This is a very stable modified timber ideal for painting. The background colour is Farrow and Ball Green Smoke.

Painted wooden sign
Painted Wooden Sign

Font - Bookman Old Style
A solid wooden sign made in the very durable accoya wood.The size was 600mm x 100mm. The sign colour was French Grey and the lettering Downpipe Grey - both Farrow and Ball colours.

Painted Business Sign
Painted Business Signs

Size - 1200 x 400mm
A beautiful painted wooden sign using accoya timber. It was morticed into 4" x 4" posts and painted Farrow and Ball Stiffkey Blue. Created using customer artwork.

Painted wooden framed sign
Wooden Framed Sign

Font - Times New Roman
The overall size of this framed sign was 600mm x 450mm. The background colour wasFarrow and Ball Carriage Green and the lettering and frame was white.

Green painted house sign on posts
Green Painted Entrance Sign

Size - 600mm x 250mm
The paint colour for this entrance sign is Carriage Green with the lettering in white.

Painted wooden address sign
Painted Wooden Address Sign

Font - Goudy Old Style, Size 400 x 225mm
This wooden sign was painted in the colour Farrow and Ball Downpipe Grey with white letters. The timber used was the very stable and environmentally friendly accoya. #

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Natural Wooden Sign

We also make natural wooden signs in a variety of timbers which can be oiled or varnished - click on the link below for more ideas.

Wooden Signs Images
Painted farm sign
Painted Farm Sign

Font - Raphael, Size 400mm x 300m
This farm sign was made in 12mm Tricoya board which was painted in Farrow and Ball Lichen.

Painted & Laser Etched

Font - Black Chancery
These six shields were all painted in different colours and a laser was the used to burn in the lettering and designs. They were created for the various houses in St Benedicts School.

Painted entrance sign in three colours
3 Colour Entrance Sign

Font - Bookman Old Style
This entrance sign was made from Accoya timber which was painted Slipper Satin. The posts also made in Accoya were painted in Vert de Terre. The sign size was 600mm x 150mm and the posts 1.2m

Large painted etrance sign
Large Entrance Signs

Font - Goudy Old Style
This sign was front fixed with hidden fixings. The colour was Farrow and Ball Vert de Terre. The sign signs 1200mm x 900mm and the post size 2.4m Tricoya board and Idigbo posts.

Bespoke A-Board
Bespoke Painted A-Board

Font - Times New Roman
An A-board made to customer specifications using trocoya board at a size of 700mm x 500mm. Black lettering on whote board with a line boarder with indented corners.

Slow down sign
Slow Down Sign

Font - Arial, Size - 500mm x 500mm
This slow down sign was made from 18mm tricoyay which was morticed into 1.2m idigbo posts.

Small Painted Sign
Small Painted Sign

Font -Bookman Old Style
A small painted sign - just 225mm x 150mm. The sign colour is Frey Grey and the timber accoya.

Painted oak sign front fixed to oak posts
Painted Oak Sign

Font - BOS, Size - 750mm x 300mm
Paint oak is beautiful in that the grain can clearly be seen beneath the paint. However not all customers like this. This sign was painted Farrow and Ball Purbeck Stone and fixed to 3" x3" posts.

Painted Ladder Sign
Painted Ladder Sign

Font - Times New Roman,
This ladder sign was painted in Vert De Terre. The sign of each sign was 750mm x 150mm

Wimbledon Sign
Royal Wimbledon Car Park Sign

Font - Times New Roman
A white painted Accoya sign 500mm x 300mm on a 1.8m metre Accoya post. Logo in manarch red.

Painted Wooden Entrance Signs
Painted Entrance Sign

Font - CantataOne, Size 600mm x 300mm
An entrance sign with very stylish text. The paint colour is F&B Purbeck Stone and the letter colour dark grey. The post tops have been shaped.#

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