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Hanging Signs with
Wooden Frames

Double sided signs for hanging with wooden frames and metal brackets.

We make double sided aluminium composite signs in full colour or with white, coloured or metallic finish. These are then framed with natural Oak, Iroko or Sapele. For painted framed signs we use Sapele or Red Grandis - see paint colours

Oak is a beautiful timber, Iroko is also a lovely timber, full of natural oil so needing less care and Sapele is a darker red timber - very similar to mahogany.

All of the timber frames are treated with Osmo Oil for a beautiful finish. An alternative is to have the frame made in a white or a black painted timber. Other paint colours are alsoavailable too.

There is a range of brackets, to attach your framed hanging sign to a post or building. We can also supply oak posts or stained softwood posts, along with fittings.

Single sided framed signs
are also available
Oval Wooden House Sign

Natural Oak Frame with PG Bracket - Full Colour Printed Design


Frame Sizes and Prices (Double Sided) These prices include VAT

The sizes below are our standard sizes but if you require other sizes - no problem - please ask for a quote.
Fixings are not included. Most popular are 5mm stainless eye plates @ £2.95 ea. Cheaper fittings are also available - click here

Size including frame Frame Depth Size of Aluminium Composite Full Colour
Printed Design
Single Colour Text on Plain Backgrounds Blank White/Black Framed Board
Width 375mm   Height 300mm 50mm 300mm x 225mm £121 £113 £88
Width 375mm  Height 375mm  50mm 300mm x 300mm £132 £122 £91
Width 375mm  Height 450mm  50mm 300mm x 375mm £143 £131 £95
Width 450mm  Height 375mm  50mm 375mm x 300mm £143 £131 £95
Width 450mm  Height 450mm  50mm 375mm x 375mm £156 £141 £107
Width 450mm  Height 600mm  50mm 375mm x 525mm £182 £162 £120
Width 600mm  Height 450mm  50mm 525mm x 375mm £182 £162 £120
Width 600mm  Height 600mm  50mm 525mm x 525mm £215 £187 £135
Width 600mm  Height 750mm  50mm 525mm x 675mm £248 £211 £150
Width 600mm  Height 850mm  75mm 475mm x 725mm £285 £250 £192
Width 750mm  Height 600mm  50mm 675mm x 525mm £248 £211 £150
Width 750mm  Height 750mm  75mm 625mm x 625mm £299 £264 £199
Width 750mm  Height 850mm  75mm 625mm x 725mm £331 £285 £213
Width 850mm  Height 600mm  75mm 725mm x 475mm £285 £250 £192
Width 850mm  Height 750mm  75mm 725mm x 625mm £331 £285 £213
Width 850mm  Height 850mm  75mm 725mm x 725mm £345 £308 £226

NB 12.5mm of the aluminium composite is hidden in wooden frame in each direction
Reflective lettering is even tougher but there is minimum letter size of 25mm

We also have painted hanging framed signs in black, white, grey and green with painted lettering - Click Here 

Order your Wooden Framed Hanging Sign Now P&P Shipping Bracket for sign and bracket - J

/hanging oak framed sign Large full colour sign panel with black painted frame. Oak framed hanging sign with full colour printed panel

Wood framed hanging sign Oak framed hanging sign painted black with a wrought iron scroll bracket

Aluminium Composite - Background Colours - For single colour designs.

Background colours
Plain Colours
These are longer lasting than the printed vinyl hanging signs as the solid vinyl lettering is less suseptable to fading. NB one side of the board is matt and one is gloss. It is possible to have both sides gloss or matt by using two boards back to back.

Choose your Bracket

We have many different hanging brackets available to suit all situations. - Click Here  If you do not need the hanging bracket we also have a selection of stainless steel fitting.

Fittings to hang your sign

We have a variety of fittings which can be used
to hang your sign with - Click here

Fittings for hanging signs


Single Colour Cut Vinyl lettering includes 50 characters - Extra letters £1.65 per 25. Minimum letter size 20mm.

Full Coloured Printed include 100 characters - Extra letters £1.35 per 50 

We have a large selection of fonts - Click Here


We can include images on the signs. We have a large selection Click here Any of the single colour images can be used with this type of sign - or you can send in you own artwork. We also have a selection of full colour backgrounds which can dramatically change the look of your sign - Click here to see standard colour backgrounds and images - or you can send in your own artwork.

No extra charges for complete print ready artwork

Wooden framed hanging sign painted black. Panel - full colour aluminium composite

Image Costs as follows:-
£12.50 per standard image or background
£29.50 for your own artwork or photos which can be used as they are
£34.50 per image for artwork sent as bitmap image eg. jpg, tiff, gif- which needs to be vectorised.
£34.50 for photographs which need to be adjusted - eg backgrounds removed.

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Oak framed full colour hanging sign
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