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Long Lasting Fully Encapsulated
Full Colour Aluminium Signage

Full Colour ToughPrint

This full colour aluminium signage is tough and has a much longer lifespan than the standard printed vinyl. Firstly these tough signs do have a long term restistance to fading. (BS3900) for colour fastness)

They are very appropriate for prestigious signs such as the banking sector or national heritage. They are also used in high traffic sites such as on the railways or undergrounds where vandalism can be a problem.

They are made of aluminium which is completely encapsulated which makes them very durable. They can even be used in the harsh weather conditions found by the coast.

They are also easy to maintain with an easy to clean finish which also has anti-vandel and anti graffiti properties.

See full property details at the bottom of the page.

You can send in your own digital design or ask our designer to create it for you from your images & wording.

.Hand drawn map printed onto aluminium and encapsulated.

Sizes 200mm
100 mm
£108 £121 £122 £127 £144
200 mm
£121 £130 £139 £161 £172
400 mm
£130 £158 £183 £215 £239
600 mm
£139 £183 £228 £260 £295
800 mm
£161 £215 £260 £306 £362

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The prices above include our designers creating the artwork from your words and your image if you are using one. If you don't have a suitable image we can purchase one for you for £24.50. Have a look at for ideas or ask our designers to find one for you.

If you can send us print ready artwork with a resolution of at least 100dpi there is a discount of £30.

This full colour signage can be very simple or have complex designs. They can have hanging holes or be made in simple shapes. If you want our designer to create the artwork let them know the prefered font, lettering colour, your layout ideas etc and send them the photo or artwork that you have.

There is a choice of gloss or satin finish.

If the sizes above are not suitable we can cut the signs down to your exact size. For larger sizes just ask us for a quote.

In addition we also have signs with channels and tray signs.

Ideal for long lasting golf course signage.

Graffiti Resistant Graffiti Resistant - Aerosol Paints, Acrylic Paints, Dyes
Passes Test 4RS for Graffiti Removal & Resistance
Burn Resistant Burn Resistant
UV Resistant UV Resistant EN ISO 4618:2014 10 Year Warranty. EN ISO 2810:2004 for Weathering Resistance. Resistant to Perminant Markers Resistant to Perminant Markers
Fire Resistant Fire Resistant
Reaction to Fire BS EN 13501-2 :2016
100% Recyclable 100% Recyclable Signage
Excellent Exterior Performance Excellent Exterior Performance - Resistant to Salt Spray
Can even be submerged in water.
Resistant to Acids Resistant to Acids and Alkalis
Very Durable. Very Durable. Passes Test BS3900-0:2010 for Durability, Scratch & Impact Restistance Frost and Heat Resistant. Frost and Heat Resistant.
Service Temperatures -40C to +90C

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Full coloured sign - framed.
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Full Colour Framed Sign
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