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TOUGH PRINT - Superior Printed Aluminium Signs and Plaques

Fully Encapsulated Printed Aluminium

Superb Colour Quality with long term UV resistance ie it last for years without fading. (BS3900 for colour fastness)

Exceptionally Durable - They are moisture resistant, abrasion and scratch resistant, acid resistant and they can even be used in very harsh weather conditions including by the sea.

The Encapsulation is heat treated and gives a very robust high quality finish which is easy to clean and has anti-vandal and graffiti resistant properties.

Out Performs most other sign products being comparable to vitreous enamel at considerably less cost.

Tough Print Satin Finish

TOUGH PRINT signs and plaques can be used in many situations from house signs to memorial plaques, from small business signs to signage on railways or in hospitals. An anti-bacterial coating is also available. In addition to the excellent exterior performance and the obvious quality these signs are 100% recyclable.

Graffiti Resistant Graffiti Resistant - Aerosol Paints, Acrylic Paints, Dyes
Passes Test 4RS for Graffiti Removal & Resistance
Burn Resistant Burn Resistant
UV Resistant UV Resistant EN ISO 4618:2014 10 Year Warranty. EN ISO 2810:2004 for Weathering Resistance. Resistant to Perminant Markers Resistant to Perminant Markers
Fire Resistant Fire Resistant
Reaction to Fire BS EN 13501-2 :2016
100% Recyclable 100% Recyclable Signage
Excellent Exterior Performance Excellent Exterior Performance - Resistant to Salt Spray
Can even be submerged in water.
Resistant to Acids Resistant to Acids and Alkalis
Very Durable. Very Durable. Passes Test BS3900-0:2010 for Durability, Scratch & Impact Restistance Frost and Heat Resistant. Frost and Heat Resistant.
Service Temperatures -40C to +90C

Tough Print House Signs

Long Lasting House Signs

We use TOUGH PRINT for house signs in the brushed aluminium along with the full colour glass and satin finishes. We have a number of standard sizes although as always we can quote for any size. The advantage of these house signs is they are very smart, easy to clean and can include a full colour image. You can send in your own, use one of ours or ask our designer to find one for you.

Full colour photo memorial.

Full Colour Memorial Plaques

For the memorial plaques we have a brushed aluminium with a satin finish. You can include as much text as you wish. We do suggest the text is no smaller than 5mm though. You can also include a colour or black and white photo or any other image. These are very long lasting plaques and exceptionally easy to maintain. These can be mounted onto wooden or corian backing boards. For memorials we usually use the satin finish.

Prestigious Business Signs

Prestigious Business Signs

Business signs are usually made in the full colour gloss or satin finish. They can be made to any size up to 2.9m x 1.5m. The quality is amazing and they will outlast normal vinyl signs by many years. They are very appropriate for prestigious signs such as the banking sector or national heritage.
They are also used in high traffic sites such as on the railways or undergrounds where vandalism can be a problem.

Photoluminescent - Glow in the Dark Signs

Photoluminescent Signs

There are times when it is essential for signs to glow in the dark. These are usually safety signs made from PVC. However there is a place for a more prestigious glow in the dark sign. These 3mm aluminium based photoluminescent signs certainly fit that bill.

Ask us for a quote.

Reflective full colour pronted metal signs

Reflective Signs

For house signs or business signs it may be useful to have them reflective especially if being found in the dark is a problem. It is the background of the sign which is reflective - a silver white colour. Just ask us for a quote for these.

Ask us for a quote.

Durable full colour signs on posts.

Large Signs & Interpretation Panels on Posts

These can be made to any size up to 2.9mm x 1.5m. They can be shaped as required. Choose from a satin or gloss finish both being resistant to harsh weather,scraching graffiti and fading. Can be supplied with metal or wooden posts. Ideal for interpration panels with lots of images and printed text. Long lasting signs for many situations.

Ask us for a quote.

Lecterns on Posts

Lecterns on Posts

This type of signage is perfect for lecterns. Vibrant, long lasting and scratch resistant. The panels can be gloos or satin finish with lots of text and images. We have a number of styles available.

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