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Sand Blasting Images
Before and After

Slate House Signs

Sand Blasting Jobs - Images, Time and Sand Used

It can be difficult to quote for exact times and sand used, there are so many factors involved. However if you look at the items on this page and on our main sand blasting page you should be able to work out a rough idea of cost.

Remember to tell the blaster how well you want him to leave the job. He could do the job quite quickly, just removing loose flaky paint and rust, or he could spend much longer and take off all paint to a clean finish. The time taken can also vary on how many coats of paint and the types of paint being blasted off. You can arrange to stay & watch the job being done if you prefer.

Chairs to be sand blasted After sand blasting

Items such as these chairs take a surprising long time. It is because the nozzle has to slowly follow all the narrow pieces of metal.  It is much quickly to sand blast a solid object

These chairs took just over 30 minutes each and used just over 25kg of sand for each one.

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The large toy car to the right took quite a time to sand blast due to all the small parts.

Sand blast time -

Media - 5 Bags

It was then painted with a white metal primer

Large toy car - sand blasted Toy car - sand blasted in our Devon workshop
Lots of small parts do take time to sand blast

Spray Painting Spray Painting in local Spray Shop
The trailor above took 18 hours to sandblast, using 25 bags of fine slag sand plus 10 hours to spray paint

Smaller items such as garden chairs we can spray paint on site. Large items and vehicles can be taken to an
excellent spray shop just a couple of miles from us - AT Motors  01769 560707.
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