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Personalised Wooden
Chopping Boards

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Wooden Chopping Board
Paddle Board    Ref.AP10        Size 340 x160mm    £15.50      No extra cost for cheese text if required

Personalised wooden chopping and cutting boards are ideal for as wedding gift or an anniversary or house warming present.

The wood used for all the boards on this page is Rubber wood - Hevea brasiliensis It is a very stable hardwood from the maple family with a dense grain which does not tend to warp or crack.

These are the trees which produce the latex for all the worlds rubber.  Although this timber is exceptionally durable it still should not be put in a dishwasher!

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Wooden Meat Board

This is an easy clean wooden board designed for carving meat. It has channel all around to drain away fat with a collection well on one corner.


 Ref.AP08    400 x 300 mm   Cost - £23.95 B

Engraved Meat Board
Round endgrain chopping block

Round End-grain Chopping Block

A round end grain chopping board which can be engraved with your message along with a huge choice of beautiful images if required. A quality product.


Ref.AP05    280 x 280 x 40mm   Cost - £33.50   D 

Wooden bread Board

This circular wooden bread board is a lovely gift you know would be used every day. It can be personalised on the back or the front. A superb house warming present.

Ref.AP07    300 x 300 mm  Cost - £23.50 B 

Personalised Bread Boards

Cheese Board with 3 knives

Cheese Board with 3 knives

As with all wooden gift ideas on the page this personalised cheese board is made from heavea or rubber wood which is ideal for the kitchen. It comes with 3 knives making it a great value gift.


Ref.AP03     Cost - £25.80   B 




Ref.AP01         Size 300 x 180 x 105mm
This mezzaluna chopping board would make a really useful gift for someone special. The rocking motion makes it easy to chop herbs, garlic, nuts etc
Cost - £25.80    B

Cheeseboard with wire

Cheese board with wire

Ref.AP02         Size
A great value gift - ideal for new home present. Choose one of our many images to add a special touch along with your personal message.
Cost - £21.95   B

Wooden handled cutting board

Wooden Handled Board

Ref.AP04         Size 350 x 250 mm
This board with a handle can be hung on the kitchen wall when not in use. Your personal message can be on the handle or on the face of the board.
Cost - £23.95   B

End-grain Chopping Block

Ref.AP06        Size 350 x 250 x 40mm
This is a really chunky butchers chopping block, which is made extra special with your personal message.
Cost - £46.95    D

Cutting Board

Rectangular Cutting Board

Ref.AP09         Size 300 x 200mm
A simple cutting board which is exception value for money. Add your wording in any one of our many fonts.
Cost - £20.50    B

Paddle Board

Paddle Board

Ref.AP10        Size 340 x160mm
Another board which looks great hung on the wall. Why not fill the whole board with a large image & message below.
Cost - £20.50    B


More Chopping Boards

The lettering, laser engraved into the word, can be created in any one of our many standard fonts.  The price includes up to 40 characters in one block of text. However you can add more words or a second text block @ £3.00 (50 characters). We also have lots of standard images which can be included @ £9.50 to make your gift just that little bit extra special. If you require a larger image - over 100mm - this is available from £14.50


If you would your gift to be personalised with an image, but without any words there is a £5 discount.

eg The Paddle Board costs £13.95.  Add the image @ £9.50, then deduct the £5 discount making the total cost  - £15.90

 To clean your board, simply rinse under hot tap and dry with paper toweling. Do not soak or put in a dishwasher.

For more ideas have a look at the Gallery on our Blog or our Pinterest Board More Chopping Boards More Gifts
Paddle board used as a cheese board
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Personalised Paddle Board
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