The Sign Maker for the very best in Bespoke Personalised Gifts :A beautiful range of black and white etchings engraved into black aluninium

Black and White Etchings,
Aluminium Art Pictures

Laser Engraved Black Aluminium Pictures

Engraved black and white aluminium pictures - tiger

The secret to this type of art is choosing the right image for the etching. It must be very high quality - at least 600 dpi. They also look best with the background removed.

If you are unable to find a suitable image, ask us and we will search out suitable images for you.

As well as etching the front we can engrave a little message on the reverse - see below

Personal messaged engraved onto the reverse

Black and white etching - sheep


Black & White etching - silver fox

Silver Fox

Cow etching in black aluminium

Cows Head

Prices for any of the images on this page - ie A Standard Etched Image
6 "
£37.50 £41.50 £54.95 £59.50 £66.50
£41.50 £46.95 £61.50 £66.50 £74.95
£41.95 £48.50 £54.95 £70.95 £77.50 £84.75
£46.95 £54.95 £62.95 £79.50 £87.95 £99.50
£65.50 £77.50 £87.95 £95.50 £105 £126

You are very welcome to find your own high quality image and send to us, or ask our designer to find one for you. Images for these Black and White Etchings must be high quality - at least 600dpi. Mobile phone images are not suitable.

The artwork charge for the conversion work is £34.50. You will then have a completely unique black and white etching for your home. Alternatively, have a look at If you find something you like we will download it for you @ a cost of £24.50. They also make great gifts and to make it really special we can engrave a little message on the back or the front - cost £10

Black and white stag etching

An Oak Frame can be added as an optional extra for your aluminium art. The price for 20mm frame is £10 per metre plus £10.50. The price for 30mm frame is £13 per metre plus £10.50. eg a picture which measures 300mm x 300mm has a circumference of 1200mm. The cost for a 20mm oak frame is £10 x 1.2 plus £10.50 ie £22.50. The frame can be left natural and simple oiled or painted black ( £7.50)

Hanging Kit
The pictures can successfully be hung with double sided tape. However we can suppy a hanging kit which includes a wall adjusting wheel, picture mount, 2 wall buffers, double sided adhesive pad, wall plug and screw.
Size 60mm wide 102mm high. - Cost £2.75
2 kits will be needed for larger pictures

2 hanging kits needed to fix larger pictures Hanging kit for use with aluminium art pictures

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Black and white wolf etching
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Black and white owl etching
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