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Aluminium Art Tiger

This beautiful black and white etched tiger was created with our new laser etching onto black aluminium. It had a personal message engraved onto the back.

Man cave engraved sign
Engraved Man Cave Sign

Font - Black Chancery, Size 225 x 150mm
This man cave sign was made from 6mm black quartz corian with white lettering. 4 countersunk holes for fixing.

Unusual house sign in stone-like corian
Engraved House Sign - Corian

Font - Signboard Regular, Border - B219
12mm black quartz corian was used for this house sign. The size was 375mm square. The lettering was painted in memorial quality gold paint.

Deep engraved brass plaque on a backing board
Engraved Brass House Sign

Font - Times New Roman
A small sign - just 150mm x 150mm. The lettering has been deep engraved and paint filled. The backing board adds an extra dimension.

Interesting engraved brass plaque
Engraved Brass Plaque

Size 210mm x 150mm
An interesting plaque on 1.5mm brass which uses two engraving techniques - laser engraving and scratch engraving.

Engraved war memorial made in 12mm corian
Engraved Corian War Memorial

Font - Times New Roman
A war memorial made from 12mm slate corian. The overall size was 300 x 420mm. Lettering engraved and painted white. The badge which was supplied was attached.

White engraved plaques on sapele wood backing boards
White Engraved Plaques

Font - Bookman Old Style
This pair of white engraved plaques was made using white acrylic with black text. They were mounted on sapele backing board. Plaque size 300mm x 225mm.

Corian looks and feels like stone
Engraved Stone-Like Corian

Font - Arial, Size 135mm x 165mm
Corian does look and feel like stone and so is ideal for engraved plaques. This one includes a line border with indented corners.

Multiple brass plaques on a backing board
Brass Plaques on Backing Board

Many engraved plaques can be placed on a single backing board.

Heart shaped corian plaque
Heart Shaped Corian Plaque

Size 300mm x 300mm
12mm black quartz corian cut into the shape of a heart. Ideal for a memorial plaque.

Engraved corian plaque with full colour inserts
Corian with Colour Inserts

Font - Times New Roman, 450 x 250mm
This memorial plaque had two anodised aluminium full colour images inset into it.

Large engraved brass plaque
Large Engraved Brass Plaque

Font - Bookman Old Style, 200 x 500mm
This lovely brass plaque was sent t a customer in Switzerland. It was chemically etched instead of deep engraved.

Very attractive engraved brass plaque.
Engraved Brass Plaque

Size 360mm x 790mm
This plaque was engraved using chemically etching. The lettering was paint fill but the mountains at the bottom left unpainted. Chemical etching is ideal for this as it leaves a cleaner finish without cutter marks.

Engraved black acrylic plaque  - 2002.SE.048.
Black Acrylic Plaque

Font - Calibriy, Size 150mm x 100mm
The black acrylic plaques with white lettering always look first class. This plaque for WI used there logo. It had a sapele tree stake and backing board.

Large Engraved Brass Plaque

Size 580mm x 580mm
This plaque was chemically etched using the font Times New Roman. It was fitted to an iroko backing using an industrial double sided tape.

Green Corian Plaque

Size 200mm x 100mm
The font used for this plaque was Times New Roman. It was made using 12mm grass green corian. It was sent out with an angle iron tree stake for ground fixing.

Tough and weatherproof anodised aluminium
Oval Anodised Aluminium

Size 600mm x 420mm
This plaque was not actually engraved but printed using a technique which is very tough and totally weatherproof. The wording and images are locked inside the hard anodised layer. Ideal when full colour is required,

Large memorial plaque with inlaid colour photo - fully weatherproof
Large Memorial Plaque

Font - Georgia, Size 700mm x 750mm
This large engraved memorial plaque was made in 12mm raffia corian. It had inlaid into it a full colour anodised aluminium photo.

Beautiful deep engraved brass plaque
Brass Plaque on Backing Board

Size 400mm x 300mm
Engraved into 2mm brass and paint filled in various colours. Finally polished and screwed onto an oak backing board.

Oval sign engraved in tough acrylic laminate
Blue/White Acrylic Laminate

Font - Times New Roman
The size of this oval engraved sign is 450 x 300mm. It has been made in acrylic laminate - a tough weatherproof material which does not require maintenance. GOOD VALUE

Small engraved brass plaque
Small Brass Plaque

Font - Times New Roman
A lovely little brass plaque which has been deep engraved. The size was 125mm x 50mm. The butterfly image ref. is NS317

Engraved brass memorial plaque
Brass Memorial Plaque

Font - Times New Roman, 150 x 125mm
This 1.5mm brass plaque uses two engraving techniques. The text is deep engraved and paint filled, the images scratch engraved. The images are decorative corners DC030, DC003

Engraved aluminium in gold, black. green, blue and red
Black Aluminium Plaque

Size 225mm x 125mm
The design on this plaque is lasered or deep engraved through the black coating showing the silver white aluminium beneath. A low maintenance good value plaque.

Simple small house sign
Small Engraved House Sign

Font - Black Chancery Size 150 x 100mm
This little house sign was engraved using 12mm Distinct Tan Corian with white text. Simple but very effective,

Attractive House Sign
White Acrylic House Sign

Size 500mm x 180mm
This white / blue acrylic laminate house sign was engraved using the customers artwork. The finished sign is long lasting and virtually maintenance free.

Royal Visit Plaque
Round Corian Plaque

Font - Goudy Old Style, Size 380mm
This royal visit plaque was made in 12mm anthercite corian and the lettering painted black. Corian can be cut into almost any simple shape.

Large engraved corian sign set into oak
Large Engraved Sign

Fonts - Georgia & High Tower
This very large slate corian sign (1200mm x 600mm) was inset into an oak panel which was morticed in two oak posts. The letter colour was top quality memorial silver.

Other ideas for memorials
More Ideas for Memorials

As well as engraved memorial plaques we also make lots of other memorials. Have a look at the pages below for ideas. Don't forget you can call us for help.

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Etched and unpainted brass plaque
Chemically Etched Brass

Size 250mm diameter
A chemically etched plaque engraved to customers artwork. The lettering was left unpainted.

Engraved memorial cross made from corian
Engraved Memorial Cross

Font - Altogscf, Size 225mm x 460mm
Corian can be cut into simple shapes - in this case, a memorial cross. The lettering colour was heritage green. The images DC090 (either side) & FS402 (middle)

Good value black and white signs with engraved letters
Recycled PVC House Sign

Font - Dolphin, Size 450mm x 330mm
A tough material for house signs which has bright white surface and black core. It looks smart, is long lasting, no maintenance and on top of that is environmentally friendly.

Two tone corian memorial plaque
Two Tone Engraved Corian

Font - Times New Roman
Plaque made from two pieces of stone-like corian, one inlaid into the other. The lettering has been engraved and painted gold. The plaque size is 300mm x 225mm

Large engraved brass sign
Chemically Etched Brass Sign

Size - 800mm x 520mm
Due to the colours required on this sign, the wording and images were chemically etched into the brass.

Engraved white acrylic laminate with black text
Engraved Golf Club Sign

Font - Arial, Size 300mm x 210mm
A simple black and white information sign which was to be fixed using exterior double sided tape. It was made from an acrylic laminate.

Engraved house sign made in slate corian
Engraved Corian House Sign

Font - Rennie Mackintosh
An attractive house sign made from slate corian. The size was 500mm x 150mm. The border is B214. Very long lasting and virtually maintenance free.

Engraved family crest
Family Crest Engraved in Brass

Size - 200mm x 250mm
This has been engraved on 2mm brass using a combination of engraving techniques. The result is a very beautiful Family Crest or Coat of Arms. Great wedding present.

Engraved stainless steel effect acrylic laminate
Engraved Acrylic Laminate

Font - Old English, Size 140mm x 90mm
A pretty memorial plaque engraved using steel effect acrylic laminate. The corner borders are DC030

Engraved stainless steel effect acrylic laminate
Stainless Steel Plaque

Font - Maiandra, Size 125mm x 75mm
A laser engraved stainless steel plaque on a slate corian backing board which itself is fixed onto a angle iron stake. Excellent maintenance free plaque.

Black acrylic plaque with white text on a white painted oak cross
Black / White Acrylic Plaque

Font - Black Chancery, Size 215 x 40mm
This is a very effective combination - the black plaque with white text on a white painted oak. The cross size is medium.

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