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Black and White Signs

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Options for a Black & White Sign

Over the last couple of years simple black and white signs have become increasingly popular. We have therefore created this page to show the various alternatives available to you for a black and white sign.

Black and white painted oak sign

Black and White Painted Oak Signs
Black and white painted oak signs are very traditional, but by using a modern font, their clean cut style can look superb in any situation. They can be made as single sided house signs or doubled sided hanging signs. As well as black letters on a white background, they can also have white letters on black background.

Black and white painted oak sign

Black and white reflective signs

Black and White Reflective Signs
These boards are durable, lightweight, extremely flat and rigid and do not corrode. The engineering grade reflective lettering is applied to the boards once you have chosen the font, board size and colour.
These signs are easily spotted day or night.

Reflective white lettering on black aluminium composite

Deep engraved white PVC with black core

Deep Engraved PVC Signs
This is a tough material and although designed as a commercial signage board, it also can be used for larger house signs, entrance signs or information signage. It is light weight, yet hard and resilient, as well as being environmentally friendly. The surface is matt new white PVC which covers the thick core of black recycled PVC. It is 10mm thick and can be cut to any shape.  Maintenance free and very cost effective.

Black and White Rycycled PVC

Clear acrylic name plate with sand blast effect backing

Clear Acrylic with White Backing
These are ideal for the modern home. The lettering is applied to the back of the clear glass like acrylic sign. This is then held away from the wall with aluminium or stainless steel stand-aways.  The lettering is normally black but can be any colour and we can include a sand-blast effect backing vinyl instead of the solid white.

Clear acrylic name plate with white backing vinyl

Painted Black and White Wooden Framed Signs

Hanging Framed Signs - Vinyl Lettering
The frames are made from oak which can be treated with oil or painted black or white. The centre panel is aluminium composite, a tough modern material ideal for the vinyl lettering.

Framed Signs with Painted Lettering
Again the frames is made from oak but the centre panel is made from tricoya - a wood based panel with 50 year lifespan. The whole panel, the frame and the lettering are then painted.

Black painted framed sign

Black & white aluminium composite sign boards

Aluminium Composite
Aluminium composite is durable, lightweight, exceptionally rigid and does not corrode. It can also be cut to any simple shape and to top it all, it is environmentally friendly. The lettering we use a top quality exterior grade vinyl which is long lasting and can withstand the elements. Available in black, white and other colours.
Very good value signs.

Shaped aluminium composite sign board

Painted sign board on posts.

Painted Sign Boards
If you are looking for a more traditional looking sign with painted letters, then these sign boards may be your answer. The board is a wood based board made using a high performance resin. It is very stable, strong, durable and weatherproof. These can also be framed or fixed to posts.

Framed and painted sign board.

Engraved White Corian.

Engraved White Corian Plaques
Corian is an amazing material - it is smart, has a long life and is very low maintenance - ideal for memorial plaques and house signs.. It is available in a number of colours including designer white shown here. There are two thicknesses - 12mm and 6mm which can be cut and engraved to almost any size.

White corian memorial plaque.

Raised slate lettering

Slate House Sign with Raised Lettering
Actually these are grey and white!  However this new type of slate house sign looks very smart indeed.  It can be made with or without a border and to any size. The background is blasted away and painted, which leaves the slate lettering raised and proud of the background.

Slate sign painted white with raised slate letters.
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