Welcome to the Sign Maker Image Library - Decorative Borders which are ideal for using with both house signs and memorial plaques

Decorative Borders for
House Signs and Memorial Plaques

UK Sign Maker
All the images can be used for laser engraved gifts, wooden signs under 580mm long, lasered metal signs & award plaques and printing
Most of the images - apart from those with very fine lines - can be used for deep engraved signs & memorial plaques and cut vinyl signage
Only the bold silhouette style images can be used for signs which are sandblasted i.e. stone and larger wooden signs

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Decorative Border 01
Decorative Border 02
Decorative Border 03

Decorative Border 04
Decorative Border 05
Decorative Border 06

Decorative Border 07
Decorative Border 08
Decorative Border 09

To save space the following images just show part of the border. They will be extended around the whole sign.
In each corner you can choose between a circle, a square or nothing at all.

Decorative Border 10
Decorative Border 11
Decorative Border 12
Decorative Border 13

Decorative Border 14
Decorative Border 15
Decorative Border 16
Decorative Border 17

Decorative Border 18
Doggy Border Giraffe Border  

Page 1, Page 2, Page 3

             Border Costs
Circumference (length around outside of sign)
Less than 1500mm
Between 1510mm - 2100mm 
Over  2100mm



Cut Vinyl


Printed Vinyl

Less than 700mm
Between 710 - 1700mm
Over  1700mm


Less than 600mm
Between 610 - 1200mm
Over  1200mm

Laser Engraved Metal & Acrylic


Deep or Scratch Engraved Brass


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