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Full Colour Printed Vinyl

We can print photographs, graphics and lettering onto exterior quality vinyl. All self adhesive vinyl signs can be applied to any smooth glossy surface including vehicles.  There are also special vinyls such as Thickstuff & Ultra High Tack for difficult to stick surfaces. We use an eco-friendly solvent ink printer - the inks penetrate into the vinyl and are designed for indoor or outdoor use. We can print onto a number of different vinyls as listed below.  It must be remembered that all printed vinyl does slowly fade over time, even more so if in constant sun.  For longer lasting signage use single colour cut vinyl letters.

Full Colour Vinyl Printer
Full Colour Vinyl Printer
Prints self adhesive signs and stickers
Prints self adhesive signs and stickers
Vinyl Weeding
Covering with application transfer tape

Where ever it is necessary we supply self adhesive signs and large stickers with the application tape attached. The sign should be applied to its permanent position within two weeks. Click here for application tips.

Standard Vinyl for Outdoor Signs (Price Bracket E)
This vinyl is designed for long term vinyl signs and vehicle graphics. It has an outdoor life of up to 7 years with a permanent solvent based adhesive. It is 75microns thick and can be applied over slightly curved surfaces. This is the vinyl we use on most of our full colour signage, sign boards and car magnets.

Vinyl with Bubble Free Adhesive (Price Bracket E)
This is a 5 year vinyl with a special adhesive making it easier to apply with a bubble free finish. Must be applied dry.

  Self Adheive Vinyl Sign

Scuff Resistant Textured Vinyl - Permanent (Price Bracket E)
This is quite a thick vinyl - 150 microns - with a tough scuff resistant finish. It is particularly easy to apply and for smaller signs and labels it can be applied without application tape. It is probably the easiest vinyls to apply without air bubbles. It has a strong permanent grey adhesive and has a 3 year outdoor life.

Scuff Resistant Textured Vinyl - Removable (Price Bracket E)
This version has a removable adhesive and is often used for Wall Art. as it is more forgiving when you apply it  and will be easier to remove in the future.

  Scuff Resistant Vinyl

Clear Vinyl for Glass Windows  (Price Bracket E)
We can print onto clear vinyl which is then applied to the inside of the window. Once printed the vinyl is translusecent - still letting the light through. The colours are not as vivid as when printed onto white, but the gentle muted tones can look very effective. This vinyl has a permanent adhesive, is 75 microns thick and has a 7 year lifespan. To make the colours stronger we can apply a white backing vinyl to the reverse. We also have, on special request, a three year clear vinyl with removable adhesive.

  Signs printed onto clear vinyl

TheThickStuff (Price Bracket H)
This is a thick gloss vinyl - 180 microns - with extra strong adhesive for difficult-to-stick surfaces. It was formulated for motocross and dirtbike graphics but is very useful for other applications. It has a good initial tack which just gets stronger over time. It is so tough it can even be applied in the cold and wet. It is also able to stick over quite complex curves and on plastics which are often difficult to stick to. 3 year outdoor life

  The Thickstuff

Ultra High Tack Satin Vinyl (Price Bracket E)
This is a satin finish vinyl - 80 microns thick - with extra strong adhesive for difficult-to-stick surfaces, such as smooth/rough painted/unpainted concrete and polyethylene/polypropylene surfaces such as bins, motorcycle panels, and plastic dashboards. It is also able to stick over simple 2D contours and has a 3 year outdoor life. See also Recycling Bin Sickers

  Ideal for Bins and Concrete walls

White Static Cling Window Film  (Price Bracket E)
This is a non- adhesive static cling vinyl which is removable and can be repositioned and reused on glass or any smooth high gloss surface. Easy to apply and remove without any residue.   If intending to use on the inside of glass ask the designer to leave a white border around the edge. 140 Microns. 2 year vinyl.

  Static Cling - No Adhesive

Sizes and Prices

Big Discounts for more than one printed sticker

The prices listed in the charts below are for one printed self adhesive sign or sticker
Order two identical vinyl letters/graphics for a £21 discount
Order two different orders on the same vinyl for a £13 discount.
Order two different orders on different vinyls for a £10 discount. 
Printed Sticker with
E 300mm 600mm 900mm 1.2m 1.5m 1.8m
100mm £23.82 £25.44 £27.06 £28.68 £30.30 £31.92
200mm £25.44 £28.68 £31.92 £35.16 £38.40 £41.64
300mm £27.06 £31.92 £36.78 £41.64 £46.50 £51.36
400mm £28.68 £35.16 £41.64 £48.12 £54.60 £61.08
600mm £31.92 £41.64 £51.36 £61.08 £70.80 £80.52
800mm £35.16 £48.12 £61.08 £74.04 £87.00 £99.96
1m £38.40 £54.60 £70.80 £87.00 £103.20 £119.40
1.2m £41.64 £61.08 £80.52 £99.96 £119.40 £138.84
H 300mm 600mm 900mm 1.2m 1.5m 1.8m
100mm £24.47 £26.74 £29.00 £31.27 £33.54 £35.81
200mm £26.74 £31.27 £35.81 £40.34 £44.88 £49.42
300mm £29.00 £35.81 £42.61 £49.42 £56.22 £63.02
400mm £31.27 £40.34 £49.42 £58.49 £67.56 £76.63
600mm £35.81 £49.42 £63.02 £76.63 £90.24 £103.85

£5 Discount for ready-to-print art work - We will just print it exactly as you send it.

It is possible to have multiple identical stickers printed on one sheet, leaving a 5mm space around each sticker

P&P Brackets B F
For other sizes or numbers - email  You can also email us your order and we will call you for payment


Lettering can be printed to any size. We have a large variety of fonts we can use, if you are not providing ready to print artwork for your self adhesive sign. We can also outline lettering in a second colour to make it stand out and add a drop shadow - Click Here for Text Effects  The background can be any plain colour, a photograph, your artwork or one of our standard backgrounds

Font  - Bookman Old Style  Dark Brown Lettering with Cream Outline

The Design

Your Own Artwork
We can print your own print ready artwork just as you send it. There is a £5 discount off the normal prices.
It must be sent as vector artwork or a good quality jpg file (200dpi) sent at the size you want to print it.
Poor quality artwork will give a poor quality result. If you would like the printer to cut around an image shape, you will need a definite thick line around the image, otherwise we will print and leave for you to cut.
Click here
for more information about Print Quality.

Leave it to our designers
If you are not up to designing your own sign, just send in your ideas, text, font, colours and any images you want to use.
Our designers will incorporate them into the overall sign artwork.

The Lettering
The prices also include 100 characters of text - e
xtra letters £1.35 per 50.
Lettering can be printed to any size. We have a large variety of fonts we can use, if you are not providing ready to print artwork for your self adhesive sign. We can also outline lettering in a second colour to make it stand out and add a drop shadow - Click Here for Text Effects 

Adding an Image
£7.50 to use on of our Standard Images or Backgrounds
£17.50 to incorporate an image which has been vectorised (outline/traced) in a PC format - file types AI, or EPS.
£17.50 to incorporate good quality photographs - to be used as they are, within the design
£27.50 per image for artwork sent as bitmap image eg. jpg, tiff, gif - which needs to be vectorised for enlarging
£27.50 for photographs which need to be worked on- eg backgrounds removed.

The background can be any plain colour, a photograph, your artwork or one of our standard backgrounds

NB. We only use good quality industry standard vinyls. However we cannot guarantee that they will stick to every surface, or the effect the adhesive will have on that surface.  The conditions under which you apply the vinyl can also Affect adhesion. Most vinyl must be applied at room temperature onto a clean smooth surface. Multisolve is an excellent solvent to prepare the surface.  Click here for helpful information about application.

To be absolutely sure that the vinyl will adhere to your intended substrate, without causing any damage, send us a S.A.E. and we will post you a free test sample. Alternatively ask for a sample via our shopping cart @ a cost of £1 p&p    We will also send out testing samples with each order. Try out a small piece and leave a couple of days before applying your vinyl graphic.

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