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Rustic Wooden Sign
X-Large Rustic Wooden Sign

Font - Black Chancery, Image - WA001
A lovely rustic timber slice with the bark still attached. Each one is unique.

Wooden sign with detailed artwork
Wooden Sign with Fine Detail

Customer Artwork
This wooden sign was made of oak and the size is 300nn x 225mm. The whole artwork was sent to us by the customer as an AI file. If you are unable to send a vector file our designers can help with creating your design.

Unusual wooden sign with raised letters
Iroko Sign with Raised Letters

The background of this sign was lasered away leaving the letters raised.

Large Oak Sign for drive - 1808.LW.041
Large Oak Sign for Drive

Font - Anavio
The oak for this sign was 30mm thick and the size was 1250mm x 250mm

Sapele - similar to mahogany
Sapele Wood Sign

Font - Sherwood Regular
Sapele is a timber which looks similar to mahogany. Apart from being beautiful, it is a very stable timber and good value for money. This sign was 150mm x 585mm. The Scots Pine image was sent on by the customer

Oval oak sign with detailed text
Oval Oak Sign

Size - 400mm x 3000mm
A beautiful oak sign made using the customers artwork. It has been finished with a hard wearing satin varnish.

Wooden sign with shaped arrow
Iroko Wood Arrow Sign

Font - Benguiat, Size - 600mm x 150mm
Iroko is a wonderful timber for outdoor signs as it is full of oil and therefore requires less maintenace. The sign above was shaped as an arrow one side and a mortice joint for a post on the other.

Driftwood Effect Sapele Wood Sign
Driftwood Style Sapele Wood

Font - High Tower, Size - 600mm x 100mm
On this sapele sign the lettering stands slightly proud as the background is sandblasted away to give a driftwood effect. The letter colour is ivory. Oak or troko can also be used

Wooden House Sign - Iroko
Wood House Sign - Iroko

Font - Black Chancery, Size 300 x 150mm
Iroko is full of its own oil so an excellent choice for a wooden house sign. Each piece of iroko is different - this one is quite light with an interesting grain.

Beautiful home plaque
Wooden Home Plaque - Oak

Font - Marlin, Size 250x300mm
This plaque was simply laser engraved into the wood without any paint-fill.

Iroko wood entrance sign
Wooden Sign with Posts

Font - BOS Bold, Size 750 x 175mm
The wooden sign above was made in Iroko but more often make them in oak. They can be made in natural wood with carved letters or painted wood with painted letters.

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Oak Finger Post
Oak Finger Posts

Font - Book Antiqua
This octagonal finger post was 3m tall and each arrow was 150mm tall. We can make finger posts to any size and with any number of arms. The photo above shows the finger post just before going into the sprayroom to be coated in several coats of a tough satin varnish.

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Wooden gravestone made from Balau
Wooden Gravestone

Font - Times New Roman
For wooden gravestones we normally use Balau. This is a very heavy timber full of its own oil and it lasts a long time. Normally the letters are left unpainted but in this case they were painted Farrow &Ball lichen It must be noted that balau will form small cracks. The size was 450 x 400 x 90mm.

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Oval Iroko Wooden Memorial Sign
Oval Iroko Memorial Sign

Font - Montype Corsiva,
A memorial sign made in Iroko wood which can be left untreated. The size was 380mm x 265mm. Standard butterfly images.

Iroko Sign
Round Iroko Wood Sign

Font - High Tower, Image - AS238
This round wooden sign was made for a wendy house. It is small at only 150mm across. The lettering has been burnt in with a laser and left unpainted.

Large oak sign with posts
Large Oak Sign with Posts

Font - Rennie Mackintosh, Image - CD254
This large oak sign has been made with morticed joints to slot into two 5ft 4"x4" posts. Large signs are carved on the CNC router and cannot have quite as much fine detail as lasered wooden signs.

Engraved wood with lots of small text.
Engraved Oak with Small Text

Customer Artwork
This oak sign was only 300mm x 225mm. The wording and detailed images were all burnt into the sign using a laser. The sign was then finished with a hard wearing industrial satin varnish.

Shaped Wooden Sign
Shaped Wooden Signs

Customer Artwork
This wooden sign was made from oak and shaped to match our customers artwork. The sign measured 348mm x 300mm. A laser was used to burn in the detailed images. The shaping charge depends on size and complexity so just email us for a quote.

Wooden sign made from red cedar
Red Cedar Wooden Sign

Font - Times New Roman
Red cedar is one of the few timbers which can be left untreated. It weathers over time to a silver grey colour. The size on this sign was 150mm x 300mm.

Cemetery sign using red cedar wood with full colour anodised aluminium insert
Cedar Sign with Colour Insert

Font - Times New Roman
A shaped red cedar sign which measures 1200mm x 950mm. It was suppled with two 4"x4" oak posts. The insert is made using tough Anodised Aluminium.

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Large shaped oak sign on posts
Large Shaped Oak Sign

Font - Times New Roman
This large wooden sign was fitted to the posts with hidden fixings. The size on this sign itself was 1200mm x 600mm. The 95mm x 95mm posts were 1.6m long

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Oak sign morticed into posts with white painted letters.
White Painted Text - Oak Sign

Font - Dauphin, Size 625 x 235mm
We can paint the lettering white. If using white paint we then treat the sign with Osmo Oil as varnishing would cause a slight yellowing of the letters.

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Painted Wooden Sign
Painted Wooden Sign

Font - Times New Roman
Now very popular are painted oak signs with painted letters. The oak grain can still be seen though the paint. This sign is painted Farrow & Ball Carriage Green with cream text.

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Dark Iroko Wooden Shaped Sign
Dark Iroko Shield

Customer Artwork
This customer specifically asked for the darkest iroko wood we could find on our timber racks. Three boards were joined and the shield shaped.

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Large round wooden sign in 45mm oak
Large Round Wooden Sign

Size - 750mm Diameter
This fantastic solid wood sign was made in oak using the customers artwork. The lettering was engraved by CNC router and then painted. The thickness of the oak used was 45mm

Oak House Sign
Oak Sign 500mm x 300mm

Font - Bookman Old Style, Image - Ram
Larger wooden signs will always be made with thicker timber to stop the timber bowing. This one was made with 30mm oak. The curved text adds interest to the sign.

Douglas Fir Sign
Douglas Fir Sign 225 x 750mm

Font - Tiffant Demi Bold
Douglas Fir can be used for larger wooden signs. It is often used for farm and estate signage. It is a good timber for exposed locations,

Grenfell Garden sign in iroko wood 1808.LW.073
Large Iroko Wood Oval Sign

Size - 900mm x 460mm
This sign was made for the memorial garden dedicated to healing, justice and peace for the community which was devastated by the Grenfell Tower fire.

Cherry Wood House Sign
Cherry Wood Sign 100 x 380mm

Font - Times New Roman
Unusual choice of timber for this sign! However we make the sign just the way our customer wants it. This sign has a line border with square corners.

Wooden ladder sign treated with Devon Oil
Wooden Ladder Sign

Font - Times New Roman
This ladder sign was made with 4 signs 100mm x 600mm and two 3"x3"oak posts 1.5m long

Man Cave Sign
Oak Dad's Garage Sign

Font - Harrington, Image - VS401
This sign was made of oak and measures 450mm x 150mm. Text and images were burnt into the timberr and then painted black.

Man Cave Sign
Oak Man Cave Sign

Font - Dorovar, Size 450mm x 150mm
We do sell quite a lot of Man Cave signs! They do make very good presents.

Man Shed  Sign
Cherry Wood Man Shed Sign

Font - Arial, Size 600mm x 100mm
Cherry is not as durable as oak but can be used outside as long as well maintained. The rounded corners look good on this sign.

Man Den Sign
Wooden Man Den Sign

Font - Times New Roman
This wooden sign has been made in oak and the size is 575mm x 150mm. When there are lots of letters it is cheaper to use the elegant range of wooden signs.

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Iroko plaque on stand
Wooden Plaque On Stand

Font - Times New Roman
This wooden plaque was made in Iroko and the size is 600mm x 300mm. The stands are made as standard with 600mm legs but we can make to any size.

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Wooden Signs - Chestnut
Wooden Signs - Chestnut

Font - Times New Roman Italic
Chestnut looks similar to oak but is a little cheaper. It is also a very durable timber making it ideal for wooden signs. The images, along with hundreds more, can all be found in our Image Library.

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