The Sign Maker for the very best in Bespoke House Signs : The Limestone House Sign is a new addition to our range of stone signs.

Polished Limestone
House Sign

Limestone Signs

The  limestone house sign is a recent addition to our range of stone signs. We came across the limestone while looking for new marbles and fell in love with it. If you study the stone you can actually see little fossilized creatures in the limestone.

The stone is polished to a smooth matt finish and will be very long lasting. This house sign will suit most properties both in town or the countryside, depending on the style of lettering used. It certainly makes a change to slate which can be found everywhere.

The sign to the right also shows some of our new colours - violet, blue-green and robin egg blue.

Limestone house sign

Prices for a Limestone House Sign which include VAT.  P&P rate after price.
Size 225mm 300mm 450mm 575mm 750mm 900mm
75mm £34.75 D £39.10 D £47.80 D      
100mm £38.35 D £46.95 E £57.15 G £66.20 H    
150mm £45.00 F £54.90 G £69.95 H £81.95 H £94.20 I  
225mm £54.28 G £63.56 H £82.13 I £97.60 I £119.27 I £137.83 J
300mm £63.56 H £79.50 H £98.18 I £125.50 I £144.33 J £167.41 K
400mm £75.94 H £96.49 I £119.57 I £143.81 J £177.75 K £206.84 K
575mm £97.60 I £125.50 I £157.02 J £190.02 J £236.24 K N/A
  Cost Includes 6 letters - Extra Letters are £1.10 each

Prices for a Limestone House Number Sign  Maximum of 3 Numbers/Letters
Size 100mm 150mm
75mm £13.00 B £15.00 B
100mm £13.50 B £16.00 C
150mm £16.00 C £20.00 D


We have many styles of lettering you can use. To see a good selection - click here. We also have a huge library of images and decorative borders you can incorporate into your sign - click here. Just bear in mind not to choose an image with very fine lines. These house signs are sand blasted so the detail lines cannot be smaller than a grain of sand. Once the letters and images have been blasted the can be painted in any of the following colours:- gold, black, purple, violet, dark green, lime green, blue-green, crimson, pearlescent green, dark blue, mid blue, robin egg blue and pearlescent blue.

Image and Border Costs

Small standard images under 100mm £7.50, Medium Standard images 100-200mm  £12.50, Large Standard Image 200-300mm £18.00, Larger than 300mm £20.00.  For you own simple images add artwork charge of £17.50 for vector images and £27.50 for other images.

             Border Costs Circumference (length around outside of sign)
  less than 1.5m 1.5m - 2.1m    More than  2.1m  
  Line border £6.95 £12.45 £19.65
  Decorative border £10.95 £17.65 £26.95

For more ideas have a look at the Gallery on our Blog or our Pinterest Board   More Stone & Slate Signs
Limestone Number
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