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Oak Framed Signs & Mirrors
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12 Sided Oak Framed Signs

These are as close to a round wood framed sign as we can get! Our carpenter who came up with the idea and he makes them in three sizes. The 50mm oak frame can surround an aluminium composite sign with cut vinyl lettering or full colour exterior print. The cut vinyl is only single colour but is the longer lasting option. Gold lettering on black aluminium composite makes for a very effective sign. The wooden frame around the sign can be finished with a satin varnish or painted black, white or grey.

If a varnish finish is chosen we can also laser words or images into the wood.

Another alternative is to have a painted sign and panel. In this option the panel is made from 6mm Tricoya board. This is a wood based board made using a high performance resin. It is very stable, strong, durable and weatherproof. Tricoya itself comes with a 50 year guarantee. On top of that it is environmentally friendly.

These oak framed signs can be single sided for wall mounting or double sided for hanging.

12 sided signs

Sign Diameter Board Size
25mm within frame
Length of each side Aluminium Composite
with Full Colour Print or
Cut Vinyl Lettering
Painted Tricoya Board
Painted Lettering
Single Sided Double Sided Single Sided Double Sided
Small - 425mm 350mm x 350mm 120mm £151 £167 £182 £191 H
Medium - 540mm  465mm x 465mm 145mm £170 £183 £205 £220 I
Large - 675mm 600mm x 600mm 180mm £198 £220 £247 £274 J
Prices Include VAT Order Online Order Online  

If you are looking for a cheaper shaped sign without the frame, have a look at the 18mm Painted Tricoya Signs

Engraving the Frame  - Text or images can be engraved into the oak frame. The cost is £10 per wood frame panel per side

Wrought Iron Hanging Brackets   -  We have a selection of Ball End and Scroll End wrought iron hanging brackets for the double sided hanging signs. We also have a good selection of other Hanging Sign Brackets. These are normally galvanised and then painted black. However we can paint white for an extra £10 or other pantone colours for £45.

Frame diameter Bracket Length Ball End Bracket Scroll End Bracket
Code Price Code Price
Small - 425mm 430mm BWS £70 SWS £80
Medium - 540mm  610mm BWL £90 SWL £95
Large - 675mm 780mm BWX £110 SWX £120
Prices Include VAT

Lettering - The letters can be as small as 20mm and the cost includes up to 50 letters. Extra letters are £1.65 per 25. We have a large selection of fonts to choose from - click here.  Painted letters can be black, white, silver, gold, grey and dark blue. Vinyl letters can be cut in any of our standard vinyl colours  Printed lettering can be in any CMYK colour.

Images - You may also want to add an image and again we lots to choose from - click here.  If they are to be painted or are cut vinyl choose an image without very fine detail. The cost is £4.95 per image. If you wanted us to use your own image the cost is £19.90. Printed images can have tones of colour and fine detail. No extra image costs for ready to print full colour artwork

The Wooden Frame - We normally use oak for the wooden frame. However as our carpenter makes each one to order we can use other timbers. Sapele is similar to, Iroko is full of oil and can be left outside untreated, Chestnut is another timber which is often left untreated. Click here for more information

Painted Framed Sign - single sided
Engraved Frame

Engraving the Frame  - Text or images can be engraved into the wooden frame. The cost is £10 per frame panel per side

Wood Framed Mirror
Oak Framed Mirror

Mirrors - Having made the prototypes for these signs we realised we could also make lovely mirrors too! The costs are as follows.

Small - 425mm £ Medium - 540mm  £ Large - 675mm £

For more ideas have a look at the Gallery on our Blog or on our Pinterest Board More Hanging Signs
White framed sign
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Wooden Framed Sign hanging from wrought iron bracket
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