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High quality memorials to suit all budgets. Huge amount of choice in materials, fonts and images

A good variety of slate memorials and granite tablets.

Slate and Granite Tablets
Slate, granite and other stone memorials, memorial tablets and wedges. Large range of slate and granite, both in size, thickness and colour.

Memorial plaques engraved in brass, stainless steel, acrylic laminate & aluminium.

Engraved Plaques
Memorial plaques are engraved using your choice of font, image and even a photo. Materials include brass, stainless steel, acrylic laminate & aluminium.

Wooden memorials icluding wooden crosses, plaques, hearts and memorials on posts.

Wooden Memorials
An extensive range of wooden memorials in a variety of timbers. These include crosses, plaques, hearts & even solid wooden headstone.

Photo memorials are available in a number of different materials.

Photo Memorials

It has become increasing popular in the last few years to include a photo on a memorial plaque.  Seeing the person on the plaque certainly does make the memorial plaque extra special. 

Metal memorial plaques.

Metal Memorial Plaques

Along with the engraved brass and stainless steel we have cast bronze and aluminium. These are very classy indeed. Zinc plate with raised letters is ideal for full colour military crests.

Pet memorials.

Pet Memorials

We can make your pet memorials in any of the materials we use. They can be made in any size using a large variety of fonts as well as one of our standard images or indeed your own photo.

Childrens memorials.

Children's Memorials

With such an array of memorials available it can be difficult to decide which type of memorial or memorial plaque is right for you. Click on the photos which should give you some ideas and more information on the various plaques and tablets. We can include images and in some case, photos, to make your plaque more personal. We  also create the design just as you want it - traditional or modern, minimalist or decorative. 

Finding the right words for a memorial plaque can be difficult, so we have put together a page of Memorial Inscriptions

Slate corian engraved plaque.

Stone-like Corian Memorial Plaques
A modern material with a cold stone like finish. It is perfect for memorial plaques in that it is very durable, fade proof and virtually maintenance free. It comes in a variety of colours. It also has the advantage of being able to engrave and paint fill, small letters. It can even be cut into unusual shapes. Full colour inlays made from tough anodised aluminium are also available if required.

Stone wedges available in granite or slate.

Memorial Wedges - Granite & Slate
These slate & granite wedges or plinths are 100mm at the back and 50mm at the front. This provides a sloping plinth to mount a corian, engraved brass or bronze plaque. Alternatively we can engrave the lettering directly into the granite or slate. Good value standard sizes plus bespoke sizes as required.

Full colour memorial plaque on black granite wedge.

Full Colour Memorials
You can have a long lasting full colour memorial using a beautiful background image with the wording overlaid. If you don't have a suitable image we can purchase one for you for £24.50. Have a look at for ideas or ask our designers to find one for you.
This full colour memorial was created using the customers artwork. Once printed on aluminium and encapsulated it was fixed to a black granite wedge.

Engraved wooden memorial cross.

Engraved Wooden Crosses
The beautifully made wooden cross are available in four sizes. They are hand made in oak. Lettering and images can be lasered directly into the wood or onto a plate which is mounted onto the cross.

Stone-Like Corian Crosses
More expensive, but longer lasting than wooden crosses and require no maintenance. Standard or Celtic crosses in four colours.

Engraved corian memorial cross.

Heart shaped memorial plaque.

Heart Shaped Memorials
Heart shaped memorials and memorial plaques can be made in black or grey granite, cast bronze and aluminium, oak or iroko wood and corian in any one of the stone colours. There are a number of standard sizes and the corian or wood can be cut to any size.
Wood or metal stakes are also available.

War Memorial.

War Memorials
We can make a war memorial in any of the materials we use. The cast bronze is superb, very long lasting but the most expensive. For smaller plaques the hand paint zinc with raised letters is somewhat similar, again very long lasting and very effective. Brass plaques are still very popular, with the 3 mm option being the most appropriate. Engraved stone-like corian is more often used than stone itself as we can engrave with more detail than is possible with real stone. New to scene of war memorials are the engraved wooden tablets. The plaque in the image was made from Cast Polyurethane.

Wooden Ashes Casket with an engraved plaque.

Wooden Caskets & Urns
Our wooden caskets and urns have been designed for cremated ashes. They are beautifully made from solid oak or mahogany and can be supplied with or without an engraved plaque.  These can be brass, aluminium or acrylic laminate memorial plaques. The wooden caskets are perfect for those wanting to keep the ashes of a loved one, although they are also used when burying ashes in a cemetery. They are the most appropriate type of urn for this type of memorial event.

Wrought iron tree stake with wooden backing board.

Backing Boards and Wooden Crosses
We can supply backing boards in various timbers on which to mount your memorial plaque. When ordering your backing board we would suggest it should be 25mm large than the plaque in height and width.

Tree Stakes
We have a good range of tree stakes available. These include simple wrought iron tree stakes to modern angle iron with a security pin for mounting into concrete. There are also wooden tree stakes and plaque holders for larger memorial plaques.

More Ideas for Memorials and Plaques
If your are not sure of how you would like your in memory plaque to look or are in need of inspiration, have a quick look at this page first. It contains lots of photos of memorials and memorial plaques we have made for our customers. We have included details about each plaque.

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