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High quality house name signs to suit all budgets. Huge amount of choice in materials, fonts and images

From our North Devon workshops we make all kinds of house signs, house name plates, home name signs and door numbers.  Each house sign is individual - personalised to your requirements. You choose the material, the size, the style of lettering as well as an image, should you want one.

We have lots of different techniques we use when making the house signs depending on your choice of material. These include Sand-Blasting, Engraving, Lasering, Printing, Casting & Painted. 

Have a look through the links below and tell us exactly how you want your house sign to look.

House signs made in many different materials
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Selection of images and ideas to help you decide which type of house sign you would like

Ideas for House Signs and House Name Plates
If your are not sure of how you would like your house sign or house name plate to look and are in need of inspiration, have a quick look at this page first. It contains lots of photos of house signs and home name plates we have made for our customers. We have included details about each sign including fonts and materials used. Just click on the photos for more information. We have included signs from all the ranges to help you make your choice.

Wooden house signs

Wooden House Signs
Each of the wooden house signs is made to order with a huge variety of fonts and sizes. We can also include borders and images. Most wooden signs are made in beautiful English oak. However we can use Cherry, Sapele, Iroko and Cedar. Rustic slices are also produced. We also supply oak and softwood posts and brackets. Also available - Painted Oak Signs

Slate house signs

Slate House Sign
We make our slate house signs to suit you. You can have any size you want. Letter size is not fixed and is adjusted to suit the sign. There are hundred of fonts and lots of letter colours. White or silver are the most popular. We also make bespoke slate signs to any size and can use images and borders from our library.

slate house sign with silver lettering

Painted wooden signs in black and white and many other colours

Painted Wood House Name Signs
The painted wood signs are very beautiful and look perfect in a modern or traditional setting. They can be single sided or double sided and can be supplied with stainless steel or wrought iron hanging fittings if required. Hanging brackets also available. Can be painted white, black, grey, green as well as many of the Farrow and Ball colours. These are very popular at the moment.

Painted wooden signs in lots of colours

Marble and Granite name plates

Marble & Granite Name Plates
A range of polished granite, marble and quartz house name plates. Lots of lovely colours created in many sizes. Pictures can be included if required. Can also be etched into the polished granite without painting the letters.

Oval House Sign

Stone-like Corian House Signs
Corian is an amazing material for house signs. It looks and feels like stone but has none of the imperfections you find in natural stone. The lettering can be smaller, images with finer detail can be used and it is less likely to crack or chip. For more impact it can be placed on a backing board or put into an oak frame. Corian house signs can be cut to most simple shapes.

Engraved corian house sign

House number signs

House Number Signs
We have door number signs in all the materials we use in our workshops - wooden, slate, marble, granite, engraved brass, engraved laminate, enamel, cast brass and aluminium and even vinyl lettering to go in a glass window. There is, without doubt, a number to suit your home.

It is possible to use a simple image or border on most of the numbers

Oak framed house signs

Oak Framed House Sign
A simple aluminium composite board can be transformed into a beautiful sign with an oak frame made by our in-house carpenters. We can also make them double sided for hanging signs.  The frame can be treated with oil, painted black or white. We also have painted framed house signs - these are made using long last wood based trocoya board with a painted oak fram & painted letters.

Hanging house signs

Hanging House Sign
Stylish hanging house signs made in solid wood or oak framed aluminium composite. These can be attached to hand-made wrought iron brackets and supplied with or without a posts.

The framed signs come in a number of colours with black or natural oak frames. The wooden signs can be Oak, Cedar or Iroko.

Hanging house sign

Black and White House sign

Black and White House Signs
Over the last couple of years simple the black and white house sign has become very popular. We have therefore created a page to show the various alternatives available to you for a black and white sign.

Metal house name plate

Metal Signs and Name Plates
A range of painted metal home name signs, durable screen printed stainless steel name plates and metal signs with raised letters - all hard wearing and low maintenance. Includes gate signs, ovals, arch tops and a lovely range of French Style name plates. Many of this range can include your own computer graphic or hand painted image.

Cast Metal House Sign

Cast Brass, Bronze and Aluminium
Cast metal is ideal for heavy duty plates designed to last a lifetime. We have three different ranges - Cast brass with different colour backgrounds, cast aluminium with black background and white lettering and lastly cast bronze for a really classic house sign

Hand painted house signs

Modern Hand Painted Cast House Signs
These signs are cast in one piece using a very high quality polyurethane. This is an extremely tough hard wearing material which is solid, rigid and does not corrode.It has a distinct advantage over cast metal in that the lettering is crisper and the motifs, logos and crests can be much more intricate.

Clear acrylic name plates

Clear Acrylic Name Plates
These are ideal for the modern home. The lettering is applied to the back of the clear glass like acrylic sign. This is then held away from the wall with aluminium or stainless steel stand aways.  The lettering can be in any colour and we can include a sand-blast effect backing vinyl if required. Also available in full colour and in larger sizes for business.

Value house signs made with tough aluminium composite

Value House Signs
A house sign which is excellent value for money as well as being low maintenance and long lasting. They are made from aluminium composite - a very smart material which is light weight, rigid and durable They are available in a range of sizes, shapes and colours.

The tough vinyl lettering is also available in many colours. It can even be reflective.

House signs made with a white matt acrylic which over lays a black gloss acrylic.

Acrylic House Sign
A small range of very good value for money house signs and house numbers. They are all black and white and are created from two layers of acrylic which are sandwiched together usings the black stand away fittings. A laser is used to cut the letters or numbers right through white matt acrylic. The result is stunning - a very modern, two layered house sign or number.

Embossed and enamelled name plates and number plates

Embossed & Enamelled Name Plates
These vintage style signs and name plates are gorgeous. They are made using traditional methods developed over the last 120 years. Some of the dies for the embossing process are 80 years old!
Each plate is hand made and then hand sprayed using stoving enamel. Excellent value name plates.

Oak framed entrance sign

Oak Framed Entrance Sign
These oak framed signs are beautiful as entrance signs for large houses and farms.  Using a combination of traditional English oak with modern aluminium composite we have created an elegant sign to grace any entrance. There are four sizes as standard, but we can make them to any size and any sign board for the panel. We can paint the frame too, if required. We also have solid oak entrance signs with inlaid slate or corian plaque.

Painted house signs on painted oak posts

Painted Signs with Posts
A traditional style house sign which looks perfect at the end of a drive. The posts are normally oak and are painted the same colour as the sign. The sign can be made in Oak or in Tricoya board (a wood based board with a 50 year lifespan). White is very popular but we have a whole range of colours including some lovely heritage Farrow & Ball colours.

Celtic Name Plates

Celtic Designs
The celtic designs can be made in most of the materials we use. Using lovely Celtic fonts along with beautiful borders and symbols, our designers will create a design, totally unique to you.  Once you are happy with the layout, it is passed over to our craftsmen who will make your celtic style house sign.

Engraved Name plates

Engraved Name Plates
There are 3 thickness of top quality engravers brass available along with coloured aluminium , stainless steel and acrylic laminate for tarnish free plaques. As with all our name plates you are not limited to a few styles. The materials can be cut to any size, there is a wide range of engraving fonts and graphics which can be used to create a unique design.

If you can't decide which house sign is best for you, find more ideas on the Gallery Page or our Board on Pinterest

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