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House Number Signs and
Door Numbers

House Number Signs and Door Numbers

We have lots of House Number Signs and Door Numbers to suit all house styles and all budget. Everything from rustic timber to classic polished brass to modern clear acrylic. Click on the links below for more information an each of the materials.

Slate Number Signs

slate house numbers
oval line border
scroll border in relief
Celtic Number Sign
sun motif

These house number are not off the shelf. Each one is made to order in your chosen font, with or without borders, decorative motifs and holes and to your required size. We also have oval and round slate. Prices start at £13

Slate House Number Signs

Marble and Granite Door Numbers

Round Marble House Sign
Blue Marble Number Sign
Granite Number Sign
Blue Quartzite House Number
Granite Door Number

The granite and marble door numbers can be cut from 15 different stones and painted with many different colours. It may only be a small sign but with a little bit of imagination your number sign can be really unique.

Marble and Granite House Number Signs  

Wooden House Numbers

Cherry Wood Sign
Lazered image from image library
Round Oak
Rustic wooden number

Wooden house numbers are made in oak, rustic, cherry, sapele and iroko. They are available in a variety of sizes, fonts and can be done with or without borders. We can also lazer anything from our huge image library onto them

Wooden House Numbers

Individual Numbers

Black Numbers
brass number
Individual brass numbers

If you don't need a sign. but just want the numbers, we have the following available. 6" 150mm Cast Brass, 4.25" 108mm Black Iron, 4.5" 114mm Brass. We can supply an oak backing board if required

Individual Numbers

Engraved Plates

Laminate House Number Sign Laminate House Numbers
Engraved stone like corian
Engraved Corian number sign Engraved Aluminium house number on wooden backing board

There are several materials we can use for engraved house numbers. Acrylic laminate is light weight, good value yet very durable. The engraved corian looks and feels just like stone yet can have detailed wording or images engraved into it. Engraved brass is classic and very traditional, but does need cleaning. Engraved aluminium has a clean modern look  and has the advantage of being maintenance free. Images and wording can be included if required.

Cast Metal

House Number 26 Number 42 House Sign
house numbers
Cast Brass Sign Aluminium Number

These are very traditional and long lasting house number signs. The cast aluminium is painted and has a durable baked finish. The cast brass is solid and heavy and available in various background colours.

Cast Metal Door Numbers

Coloured Aluminium

Coloured Aluminium

Coloured Aluminium

This coloured faced aluminium is ideal for small maintenance free house signs and numbers. As you can see we can add very detailed illustrations and borders. The colours available are black, blue, green, red and dark bronze.

Engraved Coloured Aluminium

Relective Number Acrylic Numbers

Be seen day or night with reflectives house numbers on composite aluminium.
Reflective Signs .

These signs look crystal clear like glass and are ideal for a modern look. Apart from an occasionally wash no other maintenance is needed.
Clear Acrylic

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