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Hand Painted
Cast Rectangle House Sign

Cast Signs - Rectangles

These signs are cast in one piece using a very high quality polyurethane. This is an extremely tough hard wearing material which is solid, rigid and does not corrode. It has a distinct advantage over cast metal in that the lettering is crisper and the motifs, logos and crests can be much more intricate. The lettering, borders and rims are raised. NB As each sign is individually cast there can be slight variations in the sizes.

Rectangular cast house sign.

STR1 - Deep Rectangle
with 1 or 2 lines of Straight Text
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250mm x 165mm - £133 C
300mm x 200mm - £166 C
350mm x 235mm - £178 C
400mm x 265mm - £205 D
450mm x 300mm - £254 G
500mm x 335mm - £310 G
This sign can have a double or
single border, painted or unpainted.

STR2 - Narrow Rectangle with
1 of Straight Text & Unpainted Rim
Narrow Rectangle
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600mm x 95mm - £170 D
800mm x 95mm - £185 G
800mm x 120mm - £200 G
1000mm x 150mm - £279 H
1200mm x 145mm - £321 H
1400mm x 150mm - £383 H

This sign has an unpainted rim

STR3 - Square Sign with up to
3 lines of Straight Text
Square Sign
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250mm x 250mm - £157 C
300mm x 300mm - £198 C
350mm x 350mm - £233 D
400mm x 400mm - £297 G
450mm x 450mm - £370 G
500mm x 500mm - £452 H

This sign has a rim which can be
painted or left unpainted.

STR4 - Rectangular Sign - 2 lines of Straight Text with Chamfered Edge
Rectangular Sign with gold text
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300mm x 200mm - £153 C
350mm x 235mm - £184 C
450mm x 300mm - £255 D
550mm x 365mm - £367 G
600mm x 400mm - £435 H
800mm x 535mm - £759 H
900mm x 600mm - £953 H

STR6 - Rectangular Sign - 1 line of Straight Text with Chamfered Edge
Rectangular Sign with Chamfered Edge

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600mm x 100mm - £ £145 C

Black and white polurethane sign
It is possible to have more lines of text on some of the large rectangles.
Please email us for a quote.

The letter after the price denotes the P&P Rates


The two fonts used for these signs are Times New Roman and Franklin Gothic.
The standard letter colours are White, Black, Gold and Silver, although other colours are available @ £2.50.


The sign can be left without holes to mount with an exterior adhesive.
Alternatively holes can be drilled and matching domed head screws supplied @ £2.50

Background Colours

For more ideas have a look at the Gallery on our Blog or our Pinterest Board More Hand Painted Cast Signs

Close up of rectangular sign with gold paint
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Bespoke hand painted cast sign

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