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Choosing your House Sign

Points to consider When Choosing a House Sign

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Style of the house Sign

A house sign needs to reflect the style of the property. It would not be appropriate to use a rustic timber house sign on a Georgian town house, any more than it would be using cast brass house sign on a country cottage.  Choosing a house sign is personal and will reflect your own tastes. However it best that it is in keeping with the type of house and situation ie city, town, village or countryside.

Durability & Maintenance of the Sign

This is an important point when considering which type of house sign to choose. There is absolutely no point in having a beautiful oak house sign, if you are not prepared to look after it - it will go black! Wooden house signs needing less care are iroko or red cedar - both of these timbers are full of their own oil. However oak is very durable and with regular oiling it will always look beautiful and will last a lifetime. 
Another durable, but high maintenance house sign is the traditional engraved brass house sign. It looks superb but needs regular polishing to keep it at its best. Alternatives are deep engraved stainless steel or aluminium - both these house signs being maintenance free. An engraved house sign which is both durable and low maintenance is corian. It looks like stone but is tougher and stronger. We can cut these in any simple shape too. The only maintenance this house sign needs is an occasional wash over!     Other long life and low maintenance house signs are cast signs, granite and slate.

Pictures & Images

We have a huge library of single colour images for use on many of our house signs at a cost of just £12.50. On the wooden and corian house signs we can use even the most detailed line drawings. However there are hundreds of bolder silhouette style images suitable for sand blasting into slate or granite house signs. These images can also be used on glass like acrylic or reflective house signs. We also able to use your artwork, which we will need to vectorise (£34.50)

House Signs


The size of a sign depends on the situation it is to be placed and how far away it needs to be seen from. 20mm letters can be seen at a distance of 10m.  Therefore one line of text on a 100mm 4" high sign or two lines on 150mm high is fine for most house signs. However if you need it to be seen from a car driving past it will need to be larger. You can use our design a sign screen to choose the size of the house sign create the layout.


For many people these days it is the cost that matters. If it is just a house number you need we have slate number signs from just £13.50. These are still made to order with your choice of font and letter colour. Coloured or black anodised aluminium is a good material for small reasonable priced house signs. Lower cost larger house signs include clear acrylic, rustic wooden slices, reflective, budget slate and aluminium composite.

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