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Holiday Accommodation Signage

High quality, bespoke signs for Holiday Cottages, Air B&Bs and Hotels in addition to Holiday Accommodation Sites.

Nothing says 'home away from home' like a custom sign when visiting a holiday home, air b&b or hotel. From wooden signs full of character to modern slate signage and grand entrance signs to draw attention to your holiday accommodation site - we’re bound to have a perfect fit for you.

Guest houses are unique places to stay which is why our signs is made to order to help you achieve a sign with style. We appreciate these signs require quality craftsmanship with a view to longevity, while also understanding that value-for-money business signage is a must. That is why we pride ourselves on bespoke signs that have been sustainably crafted with you (and your holiday home or site) in mind.

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Wooden Signs
There is an authenticity to wooden signage that makes it the perfect fit for holiday cottages. A wooden sign could also be an ideal match for a glamping site or shepherd hut given the natural quality of timber. The versatile capability of wood makes it incredibly easy to craft signs in a diverse range of styles - so click through to see our full range of wooden signs including entrance signs, house nameplates and traditional framed signage in addition to our informative page on timber selection.

Stiffkey Blue painted sign for holiday cottages

Framed Edged Painted Signs
A Painted Sign would be perfect for a holiday accommodation property. Crafted using Tricoya (a wood-based board) before being elevated with quality paint and a smart framed edge. They are typically single-sided with the intention that they would be wall-mounted, but our framed edge-painted signs can be tailor-made to your specifications.

Slate Signage
What could make a more charming guest house sign than one crafted from slate?! We have a number of slate types for you to choose from, each one offering something unique to a holiday accommodation sign. Our slate signage can be made to order in a variety of stylistic designs. Whether you’re looking for a painted finish featuring imagery and modern lettering or a more traditional piece that speaks for itself - our stonemason will help you achieve a sophisticated name plate that stands out for all the right reasons.

Directional Arrow Signs
Custom signs can be of huge benefit to a business - particularly sites with multiple properties or larger venues. Directional arrow signs could help visitors to find their way with ease which ultimately will result in a more comfortable customer experience. Our bespoke directional arrow signage can be crafted from a number of materials to suit different needs and budgets. From wooden finger posts to value-for-money t-channel signs - our smart, long-lasting arrows can make navigating your holiday site part of the overall experience.

Painted Wooden Signs
Wooden signs have been a popular signage choice since we first began trading over 20 years ago, and painted wooden signs have grown in popularity too during this time. Our expert team know how to get the most from each piece of timber so that you walk away with the very best sign that we can craft for you - particularly when utilising paint.

Granite Signage
Granite is a stand-out material for us. The quality of this stone and the range of colours that granite comes in allows you access to some of the best signage. The extraordinary polish finish is something to marvel at, which is why we know that granite would be an excellent choice, perhaps particularly, for a hotel. If you’re looking for an expertly crafted, bespoke sign for your holiday accommodation property, why not consider investing in a sign designed to last.

Stone-like Corian Signage
Here is a a great range of signs crafted from a unique material; Corian. Corian is stone-like in its properties holding qualities such as being cold to the touch with a matt weighty finish. However, unlike stone, its consistent surface makes this an ideal choice for signage that will last. We know Corian to be hard-wearing and capable of taking on different shapes and designs which is why we find ourselves recommending this material for holiday accommodation sites.

Framed Aluminium Signage
One of our most popular commercial signage materials is aluminium. Its lightweight quality and longevity make it the perfect selection for businesses, including holiday parks. Our framed aluminium signs can be made up in a number of ways in numerous colours with a variety of fixtures to help conveniently place your sign wherever its new home is to be!

Aluminium Composite with T-Channel
Aluminium composite signs with T-Channel fixings are an effective, value-for-money way of utilising custom signage at a holiday accommodation site. Signposting enables customers to feel comfortable navigating their way around your site; a service to them that shouldn’t be underestimated! We can also provide a custom timber post to partner an aluminium composite sign .

Deep Engraved Recycled PVC
In our time as sign makers, we have seen some terrific sign boards crafted with recycled PVC. Tough, sturdy and environmentally friendly - these signs pack an impact in more ways than one. The striking black and white designs have a boldness to them that would be perfect for holiday cottages or B&Bs, particularly those that have a traditional feel to them. Crafted in a number of shapes and sizes too, our custom-made Deep Engraved Recycled PVC signs could be an excellent fit for you.

Hanging Signs
Hanging signs are typically crafted in two parts; the centre with either vinyl or painted lettering, and the outer frame (often crafted with Oak). The main benefit of a hanging sign is that it immediately draws attention. While a sign should be practical, as sign manufacturers we also know that the quality and stylistic nature of a sign can make a huge difference to the way potential and existing customers experience a holiday home. Explore our range of hanging signs here, or contact us for more information on custom holiday accommodation signage.


Long lasting maintenance free cast signs.

Hand Painted Cast Signs
If you’re looking for a bespoke sign that exudes character and artistic flair, then a hand-painted cast sign might be just what you need for your holiday cottage or B&B. This range of signs is crafted with polyurethane; one of the toughest, weather-resistant materials there is. The quality finish of a hand-painted cast sign is hard to compete with, particularly for outdoor signage.

Traditional Framed Signs
Traditional Framed Signs have an elegance that will stand out to those who visit. Durable and versatile, these painted signs uniquely combine practicality with beauty - ideal signage for Air B&Bs or holiday cottages. Most notably, these signs are known to be strong and stable - in addition to being crafted with Tricoya which comes with a 50-year guarantee.

Waterproof and fade resistant encapsulated aluminium sign.

Full Colour Encasulated Aluminium
Growing in popularity are the full colour house signs that we are now crafting. The aluminium sign is encapsulated making them resistant to fading, easy to maintain and suitable even for harsher weather conditions (such as a sign for a seaside holiday property). Your sign can showcase your own artwork, or a design put together by us. There are no limits to what a full colour printed sign can look like, and their durability is one of the best we have to offer in a sign. No maintenance and should last for at least ten years.

Signs on Posts
An entrance sign warrants a stand-out finish; what better way to do this than with hand-crafted custom-made sign post. Our larger entrance signs have been widely celebrated by our customers who note the quality of the craftsmanship. While many of our sign posts are crafted with timber, we also offer aluminium posts for certain signs. Click here to see our full range of entrance signs supported by posts.

Engraved Name Plates
Nothing says home away from home like a nameplate - particularly when you arrive somewhere brand new for a holiday. At The Sign Maker, we work with a number of materials that can be laser engraved to craft the bespoke engraved nameplate that your holiday home deserves. While brass is one of the most traditional choices of material for an engraved nameplate, we’ve also seen some fantastic results crafted from timber, slate and aluminium in addition to signs that use a blend of materials like our engraved entrance signs.

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