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Sterling silver heart pendant with an engraved case

This very pretty heart pendant is sterling silver with cut cubic zirconia and comes with a 16" chain.  A case (not silver) is included with the pendant and this can be engraved with your personal message up to 80 characters long.  A lovely present for all kinds of occasions.


Cost - £24.95 A Ref.SS07   


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Sterling Silver heart


Silver Plated Handbag Mirror


Silver Plated Handbag Mirror - heart Shaped

A lovely gift for many occasions engraved with your personal message of up to 60 characters long.  Inside is a normal mirror and a magnifying mirror. A black velour pouch is included in the price. Size 60mm x 55mm


Cost - £16.95 A Ref.SS05    



Silver Plated Handbag Mirror - Oval Shaped

Another compact mirror, but with a little more room for engraving - up to 80 characters. Great gift for Mothers Day.  Also contains a normal and magnifying mirror. Size 70mm x 52mm


Cost - £16.95  A Ref.SS06    

Sterling Silver Compact Mirror Handbag Mirror


Jewellery Box


Silver Plated Jewellery Box

A beautiful lined jewellery box. Would also make the perfect presentation box for a special piece of jewellery. Can be engraved with  up to 80 characters.

Size 80mm diameter 26mm deep


Cost - £15.95 A Ref.SS11    



Silver Plated Business Card Holder

This silver plated business card case will make a superb present for a business man or woman. Can be engraved with  up to 80 characters. 


Cost - £15.95   A Ref.SS02     

Business Card Holder


Playing Cards

Playing Card Set

Another great present that you know will be used and appreciated. The engraved contains two packs of cards. Engraving can include up to 100 characters.

Cost - £21.95   A Ref.SS01



This silver plated bookmark must be the perfect gift for avid readers. They will see your message every day. The message can include up to 80 characters.

Cost - £16.95   A Ref.SS08

Champagne Stopper

Champagne Stopper

A unusual but rather lovely gift for an anniversary or celebration. very useful too - no more half drunk bottles of flat champagne or sparkling wine. £

Cost - £16.95   A Ref.SS04

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- we will call you for card details
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