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On this page we have a lovely selection of gifts that we know will be much appreciated by the gardener in the family.

Cuttings Rack

Cuttings Tubes & Rack

Size 130 x 115 x 215mm
Any gardener would love this present.
The cuttings rack also looks attractive
on a windowsill.

Cost - £13.95 - C   Ref. FF011

Boot Scraper

Boot Scraper

Size  300 x 200 x 210mm
A very useful present for all gardeners
at any time of year.

Grey Finish - £25.95 - D   Ref. FF007
Rust Finish - £25.95 - D   Ref. FF008

Door Stopper

Gardeners Door Stopper

Size  160 x 90 x 200mm
A very attractive cast iron door stopper - use it to keep the greenhouse door open.

Grey Finish - £13.75 - C   Ref. FF009
Rust Finish - £13.75 - C   Ref. FF010

Plant Saucer

Birds Plant Saucer

Diameter 13mm
Plant saucers enhance your houseplants  and look really pretty on windowsills.

Grey Finish - £5.75 - B   Ref. FF001
Rust Finish - £5.75 - B   Ref. FF002

Rust Finish dragonfly plant saucer

Dragonfly Plant Saucer

Diameter 13mm
Another enchanting plant saucer this time shown in a rust finish.

Grey Finish - £5.75 - B   Ref. FF003
Rust Finish - £5.75 - B   Ref. FF004

Garden Hooks

Garden Hooks

300mm in length
Ideal for use in the greenhouse or potting shed to hang up your hand tools.

Cost - £14.95 - C   Ref. SC860527a

Herb and flower drying rack

Herb & Flower Drier

Size 350 x 400mm
Many gardeners grow flowers and herbs for drying. The task is made all the easier with this dryer Looks good too!

Cost - £11.95 - C   Ref. FF015

garden line

Garden Line

Size  380mm
A string line for the vegetable garden is a really useful tool to make sure the crops are in neat rows. Great present!

Cost - £14.75 - C   Ref. FF014

hose guide

Hose Guide

Any gardener knows how frustrating it is pulling a hose around the garden. A couple of these hose guides will make the job so much easier. 93 x 350mm

Grey Finish - £8.50 - C   Ref. FF012
Rust Finish - £8.50 - C   Ref. FF013

Hanging basket bracket

Hanging Basket Hook

Size 212 x 170 x 40mm
Can be used for our butterfly hanging  basket or any small hanging basket.

Cost - £8.50 - C   Ref. FF023

Small Hanging Basket

Hanging Basket

Size  255 x 725 x 255mm
A small well made hanging basket which would look lovely in a courtyard garden.

Cost - £22.95 - C   Ref. FF019

Hose Holder

Hose Holder

Size  265 x 150 x 220mm
A very pretty cast iron hose holder to keep the garden hose neat and tidy.

Cost - £20.50 - C   Ref. FF021


Cast Iron Thermometers

Cast Iron Thermometers

360mm in length
Handy for the greenhouse.

Fork - £12.95 - C   Ref. SC860524
Spade - £12.95 - C   Ref. SC860523

Cast Iron Butterfly Gifts

Cast Iron Butterfly Gifts

A range of cast iron butterfly gifts - all boxed.  Includes hooks, bells, bird feeder, boot scraper, hanging basket & a boot brush.

Click here to see Butterfly Gifts

Cast Iron Bells


Need to hear the postman or tell the family dinner is ready, do so with style. Well made cast bells - give a good sound and great look.

Click here for Cast Iron Bells


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